Deworming Dogs and Puppies: Dewormers and Other Medications

There are several ways on how to deworm a dog at home but if you want to try something that actually kills all kinds of internal parasites, works fast and tastes good, then get Sentry WormX Plus.

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If you have a new dog or your furry friend just gave birth, you should know how to deworm a dog at home because they are prone to harboring worms in their bodies.

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How to Deworm a Dog If your dog is feeling really sick and you are worried about your dog, you should definitely take it to the vet to get it properly diagnosed. However, if you want to treat a mild case of worms there are dewormers available to buy over-the-counter. When looking for a dewormer, make sure you get the right options to suit your dog's size and that will be effective for the specific type of worm that your dog has.

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My puppy is 13 weeks old is adapting wonderful to his new surroundings. However, his stool is very loose, and he’s scooting across the floor. His anus appears to be swollen or irritated. Is there something that I can do make him more comfortable?

Like all other puppies, your dog needs to be dewormed. Parasites are by far the leading cause of diarrhea in puppies and young dogs. Scooting is a tell-tale sign of intestinal worms.

All puppies should be dewormed with an oral dewormer. These deworming doses should start at 3 weeks of age, and be repeated every two weeks until 16 weeks of age. At that point, all dogs should be started on a monthly heartworm preventative that also prevents roundworms and hookworms.

This deworming plan is now endorsed by most veterinary professionals as being the best way to prevent intestinal parasites in puppies and older dogs. Dogs should receive this monthly dewormer year-round, regardless of where they live.

Submitting a stool sample to your veterinarian would be a way to confirm the diagnosis, but starting a deworming protocol for your puppy should be your first priority.

Roundworms and hookworms are also a health risk to infants, who may inadvertently ingest infective eggs if they are playing on the ground where dogs have defecated. These parasites can survive in the environment for several years, so minimizing their occurrence through regular deworming of dogs is important for dog and human health alike.

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It’s best to confirm that your dog’s ailment is due to a worm infection as the symptoms are similar to those of other illnesses. You should, therefore, have your dog’s feces pathologically tested every 3 months before treating him. If the ailment is a worm infection and is severe, you should consult your veterinarian and use a conventional dewormer as prescribed. However, herbal remedies such as the addition ofgarlic, pumpkin seeds, walnuts or to your pet’s diet, can effectively rid your pet of worms if the infection is a mild one. The cost to effectively keep worm infestations out of your dogs may be entirely too much if you take the dog to a Veterinarian. A Vet will use a multitude of expensive dewormers. The cost for the Veterinarian treatments along with the cost of the office visits will add up to a lot of money per year. Once again, I want to remind everyone that I am not a Veterinarian, but rather a long time Beagle kennel owner. I'll tell you what I use and do, you can use your own judgment whether you want to follow in my footsteps. This article is presented only as a documentation of how I treat canine intestinal worm infestations in the Beagles that I own at a fraction of the cost that a Veterinarian will charge for the expensive worming tests and deworming treatments.