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“I came and met with the groomer, Tony, who was very nice and attentive. He let me know of all
the concerns with my dog’s grooming. He let me know the price of the whole groom and said it
was going to take about an hour to an hour and a half. An hour later, I came, paid, and spoke
with Tony again. He gave me an update of how my dog did. That was really comforting to me,
knowing this was a new place my dog is encountering. I will definitely come back for my dog’s
own comfort.”
-Linda T. Yelp Review Feb. 2016

How to Perform CPR on your Dog — Dirty Dog Grooming & Self-Serve Dogwash

And if you had children, would you sit in the class next to them watching just to make sure?
Overprotective owners usually have the worse behaved dogs. I would not take a client like that. I take one dog at the time and call the customer when they are finished. I hate people that show up before I have finished and then the previously well behaved dog starts whinning and moving because they want to say hello. Would you walk in the middle of a class to distract your kid? Also, it takes time to relax the dog and make them comfortable. With a nervous owner by you cringing at every move the dog and groomer do not achieve total relaxation.

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The Pet Grooming certificate program teaches students how to care for the grooming needs of their own dogs. Using the right tools makes grooming around the eyes of a shaggy-haired dog simple. Become comfortable trimming this delicate area with the help from an expert groomer in this free video on how to groom a shaggy-haired dog around its eyes.

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Before you bring your dog in for a grooming session, we want you to meet the brains behind the clippers. Learn more about and how much our owner Carole and her staff of professional dog groomers love working with animals.

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When using clippers to groom a shaggy-haired dog, start from the back and clip with the growth of the hair. Smooth your dog's coat with the helpful advice from an expert groomer in this free video on how to use clippers when grooming a shaggy-haired dog.Learn tips and techniques on how to give your dog a hair cut using clippers in this free video.

Expert: Anne-Marie Forde
Bio: Anne-Marie Forde and Jon Fless have owned and operated The Sudsy Dog Grooming Shop for 8 years.
Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-DonosoServices that require additional time/ work to the normal grooming process. Full groom with all scissor work or dogs prepping for a show may incur higher fees.No matter how your dog’s fear manifests itself, it is important to take preventive measures to address his anxiety before it escalates into aggression. Here are my top tips for reducing the fear factor at the groomer.