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An encounter with a skunk is a fairly common occurrence for dogs who get to run around in the woods. If the dog is too curious, the skunk will protect itself with its most potent weapon. And then you’ve got a problem: how do you get skunk smell off your dog? One reader offered an unusual remedy for this tricky situation.

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OxiClean™ (sometimes spelled OxyClean) is a great stain remover, but I recently learned it may also be a great odor remover. I was having dinner with an awesome veterinarian who mentioned her dog had been sprayed by a . She saw that the dog was wet and bent down to touch its fur. The dampness was skunk spray, so she then had a handful of stinky nastiness, too. I said I had heard tomato juice was supposed to be decent at diminishing skunk-smell. Nope, doesn't work. What does work, she said, is spraying the pet with OxiClean and then very thoroughly rinsing, presumably with soap and water since that is how you are supposed to get OxiClean off your hands if you have skin contact.

How to Use Vinegar to Get Skunk Smell Off of a Dog.

how to get skunk smell off a dog - YouTube If your dog tangles with a skunk, do you know how to get skunk smell off its fur? Some readers praise Massengill douche; others prefer tomato juice.

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My little dog got sprayed right in the mouth, around his muzzle and eyes tonight by a baby skunk that’s been hanging around! I tried all the suggestions I found on here before remembering someone had told me to use Listerine mouth wash a long time ago. All I had here was kids Listerine so I used a toothbrush to apply and work it in. I left it in for about ten minutes then used a paper towel to soak up any excess but did not rinse it off. It works really well but now he has skunk breath! I even tried brushing his teeth! Any Ideas on how to get the smell out of his mouth? Every time he breaths on us all you smell is skunk! Poor guy! Any suggestions would be great! TIA

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So how do you get the smell of skunk spray off your dog? You don't! You can do some things to tone it down. There are many remedies online about how to get rid of the smell of a skunk, or skunk spray but none of them get rid of the smell of skunk spray completely.