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Learning how to correctly train a dog to use a litter box is important so to maximize the odds for success and help the dog get used to the idea of using an "indoor bathroom."

In order learn about how to litter train your dog or puppy, follow simple and easy method:

Enjoy a full happy life with your dog WITHOUT the need to rush home to take your pet outside ... NO MORE dog walks in bad weather with potty training dogs indoors!If you just got a new puppy or will be getting one soon -- CONGRATULATIONS! As a dog owner myself since 1979, I know that becoming a dog owner is one of the best things that you can ever do for your overall happiness and well being. Of course, you are giving a dog a happy home too, which is great.
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How to Litter Box Train a Dog | Them, Puppys and Small breed dogs

I hope this helps. Chuck & Don’s does sell litter boxes for dogs and the label on these boxes have hints on how to train you dog. You may be able to teach your older dog a new trick-how to use a dog litter box-no matter how long your dog's used another method of pottying. You can adapt either paper training or crate training techniques to accommodate a litter box. Select a confined area of your home, with room just enough for your dog to feed, turn around, lie down and potty. Just as you once placed papers next to your dog's bed for pottying, you can substitute a litter box for the same purpose. In the same way, you can place a litter box directly in a crate if it leaves enough room left for the dog to circle. Since dogs do not like to eat or sleep where they've pottied, they gradually learn to choose the litter box rather than the bed with any of these methods. Feed your dog, as well as lead your dog to the litter box, at the same time each day, until the dog goes to the litter box unprompted. Always praise your dog if successful in pottying in the litter box.

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Litter box training may fail if you do not realize your dog is suffering from a medical condition that affects elimination habits. Always consult your vet before you begin dog litter box training. Your vet will check for the following conditions: gastrointestinal upset; problems caused by a change in diet; weak sphincter muscle; hormonal irregularities; kidney and bladder disease; Cushing's disease, neurological problems; and. abnormalities of the genitalia. Your vet will also check for behavioral reasons for any pottying problems, including separation anxiety and submission urination. Ask your vet how best to litter-box train an aging or ailing dog.

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