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If plucking does cause a reaction, the extra cells produced will need assistance to be removed in a few days or weeks. In order to help the skin flora manage these extra cells and stay in balance, the ear needs to be flushed routinely during the healing process, or there will be an overproduction of the bacteria and yeast that feed on the extra cells, causing complete chaos. So, think before you remove large amounts of hair from the ear canal at one time. Remember, you may be causing an injury to the skin. Veterinary studies show that a cut in the skin can speed up cellular production from six weeks to seven days, which multiplies the numbers of cells on the dog’s skin or in the dog’s ears by six times what is normal.

I demonstrate how to remove the hair from inside the dogs ear. It is important to keep that clean so the ear can breathe

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I demonstrate how to remove the hair from inside the dogs ear. It is important to keep that clean so the ear can breathe You will want to remove the hair inside your Shih Tzu’s ear periodically to prevent ear infections. Ear wax, ear hairs, moisture from swimming or bathing, and any other debris creates a fertile ground for an infection to brew. Most ear infections are caused by yeast or bacteria and anything that gets trapped in the canal is likely to remain.

When you think about Shih Tzu ears, its not hard to imagine how infections can happen quickly. The anatomy of a Shih Tzu’s ear canal creates an environment where any debris or water gets trapped making it very difficult to get out on its own. Dogs that have ears that hang down are most susceptible to infections, especially those whose hair continues to grow and weigh the ear down. This is true of Shih Tzu, but also Poodles, Cockers, and other small breed dogs.

To remove hair from the canal is a little trickier. Some dogs do not mind at all and others will squirm and wiggle. This procedure is uncomfortable but not painful. I like to compare it to plucking eyebrows, if you have ever done this.

First, sprinkle a few drops of an ear powder into the ear and spread it around if necessary to coat the ear hairs. The easiest way is to grab a few hairs with your thumb and forefinger and gently pull out. Repeat until the ear canal is free of hair.

Sometimes, it is impossible to get the hair with your fingers and that is where a pair of tweezers or hemostat comes in handy. I prefer hemostats as you can grab hold, clamp down onto the hair, and gently pull. Tweezers work the same way. Be very cautious as you do this, as it is very easy to catch a piece of skin between your tweezers or hemostats.

If your dog has recurring ear infections, your vet may recommend testing him for allergies and/or using an anti-fungal ear cleaner.

“Healthy ears are self-cleaning”, stated Dr

Dogs frequently have hair grow inside their ears. Learn how to remove ear hair from dogs in this free pet care video about grooming a long haired dog.

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