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A dog’s bark is its way of communicating: to you, to other dogs, and to other people. If you’re trying to keep your dog from barking, think again! Expecting a dog to never bark is as unreasonable as expecting a baby never to cry. However, you can largely eliminate “nuisance barking” by taking a few simple actions. Removing rewards for barking and training your dog to stop barking at your command will cut down on problem barking and enrich your relationship with your furry friend.

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However, it’s unlikely that he became a noisy, insistent pest on his own; your family likely had a hand in this during his upbringing. For example, perhaps you thought it was cute when he barked at you while you were cooking chicken and you slipped a piece to him. Dogs are pretty good associative learners and if they make the connection that barking equals food, they won’t stop just because you no longer find it cute.

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of How to Stop Dogs from Barking at People was reviewed by  on January 1, 2017. If you’ve ever moved to the big city, you know how loud the first few nights can be. Dogs can hear frequencies almost two times higher than humans and have a hearing range four times greater than us. Passersby can set off a dog’s barking, especially if your pup is or a guard dog breed. Walk around a some dog-friendly public spaces to desensitize your pet to peoples’ presence. However, if you do want your dog to bark when strangers approach your home, be sure to praise him – after you’ve checked who’s at the door. If other dogs are the issue, try ignoring the barking; when your dog stops, give both pets treats.

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The sharp, repetitive sound of a dog barking drives most people to yell or shout, “Stop!” Unsurprisingly, dogs do not respond to this command, as they do not . (How much easier would our lives be?!) Yelling only adds to the cacophony of noise being produced by your pet or will scare your pet into submission, not exactly the right idea either. Many dogs bark to get attention – by acknowledging the noise, you’re giving him exactly what he wants!

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