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Soy is also commonly used as a protein source in these hydrolyzed diets. Soy, which is a common allergen for pets, is a poor quality source of protein, in my opinion. It’s totally biologically inappropriate for dogs and cats. On top of that, it’s estrogenic, which means it can eventually wreak havoc in your dog’s endocrine system.

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A recent study in 10 dogs known to be allergic to chicken protein resulted in four of 10 dogs flaring when fed a hydrolyzed chicken-liver based diet, but none of the dogs flared when fed a very finely hydrolyzed diet consisting of poultry feathers.4 Recently a hydrolyzed salmon diet has been made commercially available and provides another feeding option. Additional clinical trials and field experience are needed, but samples I’ve submitted to an independent laboratory performing ELISA testing found no trace of poultry, beef, pork, soy or dairy products.

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Canine Ultamino is a highly palatable, highly digestible, complete and balanced hydrolyzed protein diet for adult dogs. Where to Buy. Size: 19.8 lb. BUY NOW. In conclusion, the results of this pilot study indicate that the feeding of HA HypoAllergenic™ brand Canine Formula to dogs with IBD was associated with partial to complete resolution of clinical signs. Inherent weaknesses of this study include the relatively small group of dogs evaluated, the lack of a control group, and the fact that owners were not blinded to the test diet. Despite these concerns, the dramatic clinical improvement in five dogs following a previous lack of response to "hypoallergenic" diets and medical therapy, as well as the objective improvement in five of six duodenal and gastric biopsies suggest the product is clinically effective. A prospective, controlled double-blind study in a large group of dogs with IBD is warranted to confirm these findings. Ideally, such a study would compare the response to this hydrolyzed diet with the response to a control diet containing intact soybean protein.

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Royal Canin Veterinary Diets Hydrolyzed Protein Adult PS Dry Dog Food is:* Made with premium ingredients soy protein and potatos* For dogs with food allergies* Enhanced with Amino Acids and Vitamin B for skin and coat health* Fortified with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals for a strong immune…

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Hydrolyzed protein dog food is a fairly new development in pet foods, and several manufacturers offer them as an option for dogs with food allergies. Let’s look at the different brands to see which ones may be best if your dog is diagnosed with a food allergy.Hydrolyzed protein diets often feature chicken or soy as the protein source, with soy often preferred since few dogs have likely consumed soy protein as part of their former diet, so they are unlikely to be allergic to the soy protein. These proteins are usually paired with potato, rice or cornstarch as the carbohydrate source as these are less commonly used in commercial dog food production than other carbohydrates like whole kernel corn or wheat.