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My 2 dogs started eating Iams Healthy Naturals about a month ago and I am really impressed with the nice results so far. They were eating a high end food and my male began chewing and biting his legs and paws and the female had chronic loose stools. I knew this food was really not agreeing with either one but I really wanted the best diet possible for them and somehow I associated highest price=best food. Was I wrong! Out of frustration I picked up a bag of the Healthy Naturals and began transitioning them from the old food to the Iams, increasing the Iams every day until they were totally switched.

Here are the results: They enjoy eating Iams Healthy Naturals and never leave anything in the bowl, the itching, biting of legs and bowel problems are yesterday's news, their coats are soft and shiny, and overall have a good well-being. And, an added bonus is, it is reasonably priced compared to what I was paying for the upscale previous food.

I wish I would have tried Iams sooner.

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My family always fed our dogs Iams with no issues, and not knowing any different, I started feeding my lab/corgi (we think!) mix Iams as a puppy. It wasn’t until last year when some other dog owner friends of mine started speaking so negatively about Iams/Purina/other lower quality foods. I switched to Blue Buffalo Wilderness in the Duck and my dog LOVED it. It is just so expensive, so then I thought I would try something different. Tried Eukanuba but he is just iffy and then I came across this website and started reading reviews. Seeing the review for Iams Simple and Natural makes me want to try it. My friend switched her dog from Blue to Science Diet Healthy Mobility and keeps trying to get me to switch. I don’t think that’s going to happen after reading all of these Science Diet reviews!

IAMS Healthy Naturals Adult Chicken + Barley Recipe

Barley is a starchy carbohydrate supplying fiber and other healthy nutrients. The Healthy Naturals Adult Chicken & Barley Recipe is one of the most popular varieties of IAMS dog food, according to reviews on IAMS dog food. Here is its Guaranteed Analysis:

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IAMS Healthy Naturals Adult with Lamb + Rice