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Choose from many attractive indoor dog house designs. These indoor dog houses are attractive and will be sure to provide a nice space that your dog can call his own. Many designs to choose from- dog tent crates, canvas dog houses, portable dog houses and other soft sided dog houses to choose from. Find an indoor dog house cheaper online and have it delivered right to your home. Be sure to check our the selections.

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This best soft sided dog crate combines all the pros of other soft dog cages mentioned above without any of their cons whatsoever. It's sturdy, durable, well-ventilated and can be used both indoors and outdoors. NozToNoz is lightweight and can be carried wherever you go, while at the same time the cover is made from heavy duty tightly weaved mesh fabric that will prevent any kind of dog breed from breaking out of it.

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housetrained, soft-sided crates outfitted with dog beds make great indoor dog houses. You will also find a lot of information to help you find the right house for your particular dog. If you need information on dog house sizing, such as how to determine the appropriate size to buy . Because we offer such a wide selection, it is important to choose the correct size. In addition to your everyday outdoor wooden doghouse, we also offer soft sided dog crates, vehicle pet barriers, and myriad other products for your pampered pup. We are confident you will find the right dog house to keep your pampered pet safe and warm at night.

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Here's where you'll find folding soft sided indoor dog houses with a cute and padded cuddly look, strong coated wire crates covered with canvas or other durable material and pieces of furniture that serve as a dog's houses too. A dog’s indoor house will actually be the domesticated dog's den. It will be a comfortable place to rest and a safe haven in times of stress. Dogs love to be in the room with their owners but, like humans, they sometimes prefer to have their own territory. Much like my favorite recliner is my territory!

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This one best soft sided dog crate itself is very lightweight, is a bit on a smaller side and will support any dog up to 70 pounds. Kennel's steel frame is sturdy but the covering fabric in particular is just great! The tightly weaved fabric will make it very hard for your dog to claw their way out of it. Port-A-Crate is extremely easy to setup and collapse in literally a few seconds. This is one of the best products out there for crate training your puppies, although you should keep in mind that it's still a budget option, and overly “dissatisfied” dogs will find their way out anyway.