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You could make an invisible dog leash easily at home. You need stiff wire of three feet, wire cutters, small dog collar, nylon dog leash 2 numbers and sewing machine. You have to keep the stiff wire on one of the nylon dog leash from the hand held portion to the bottom where swivel loop is tied. Now you have to place the other nylon dog leash over this one and stitch the both sides using sewing machine such that the wire is kept hidden in the middle of two leashes. This wire is placed to give stiffness to the leash. Now hook the small dog collar at one end and your invisible dog leash is ready.

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NEW Squirting Invisible Dog Leash Humor Joke Gag Gift College Prank Pee Piddle by Redman CB. $13.95. NEW SQUIRTING Dog Leash, Squirting Invisible Dog Leash has a small bulb on the handle allows you to squirt water from the leash end. Makes it appear that you have an invisible dog that piddles! Just hide the small bulb in your palm while you walk your dog! Classy Bright Colors and a Heavy Duty Harness !! Whether you are looking for a gag gift, a companion to your costum...

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Squirting Invisible Dog Leash Prank Novelty Toy Forum Novelties Inc.. $7.20 whether or not someone uses a shock collar, well, thats a debate no one will win. if someone wants to use one, they will. my problem is the fact that if MY dog is a on a leash, and YOUR dog is on an invisible one, what happens if YOUR dog decides to attack MY dog? my dog is stuck on a leash, and you would be shocking yours during the scuffle, probably causing your dog to attack even harder. fantastic. ::sigh::

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When people think of electronic leashes, known more precisely as electronic shock collars, they imagine their dog trotting next to them in an unerring path as if held in place by an invisible force field. With this “miracle cure” for pulling or even running away, they envision everything they can do on their walk now that they can safely ignore their dog—listen to the radio, text-message their friends, or just power ahead in a daydream state. And even if a squirrel, cat or another dog crosses their path, they imagine that the invisible forcefield will magically hold the dog by their side.

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The following are comments left about Invisible Dog Leash from site visitors such as yourself. They are not spell checked or reviewed for accuracy.Imagine thins: 2,000 (!) people participated in yesterday’s mission in Brooklyn. For those of you who were not there – Improv Everywhere passed out over 2,000 “invisible dog” leashes and had everyone go for a nice Sunday walk in Brooklyn. If you were anywhere within a one mile radius of the Bergen St. stop in Cobble Hill today, you would have seen all types of folks very seriously walking their very silly dogs.You've seen them at the state fair or in novelty shops. The "invisible dog" leash can be fun as well as funny. If you've ever thought of making one yourself, it's not all that complicated. You can put yours together in no time and take your invisible dog for a walk through the neighborhood.He first got wealthy selling — plastic spheres attached to a string which made a clacking sound when knocked together. Then he came up with the Invisible Dog on a Leash. According to a May 1, 1983 profile of him in the Salina Journal: