Would azo cranberry be,ok for my dog

How good are probiotics for dogs? Do dogs really need them? Like human beings even dogs need to take probiotics supplements to ensure a healthy balance of bacteria. Read on find more reviews on popular brands of dog probiotics such as Fortiflora, Azodyl, Pro Kolin and Pro Fibre, ingredients, dosage, benefits & side effects and the best for various ailments in dogs such diarrhea and allergies. Also discover more about DIY Natural and Human probiotics for dogs such as kefir, yogurt and their safety.

Unfortunately Uristat or AZO (phenazopyridine Hcl) are NOT at all safe in dogs or cats

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It's Easter and I can't get ahold of my vet

4. What you can do to help him. So, let's start with: 1. Azo-standard. Unfortunately Azo-standard (Uristat, phenazopyridine HCl) is NOT at all safe in dogs or cats. I have a paralyzed mini schnauzer who was born with back deformity and no feeling or use in her back legs who, as a result, can not pee on her own, pooping is no problem. She's 3 1/2 years old now, had her since 10 weeks, and I express her 3-4 times a day and have so far, knock on wood, not experienced any bladder infections. I used to bring her urine in for sampling at the vet every few months to be on the safe side, but noticed these UTI testing strips at Walmart for testing for UTI's in people. The brand is AZO Test Strips, a urinary tract infection test. There were three ina box and one box was like $15 or so. I haven't been to the vet yet to see if these work on dogs as well as people, but i wondered if anyone here had heard of them, or had used them for their dogs or cats. If they work, I would save a little money because the vet's is like $25 each time to test, and since she's not had an infection yet, I haven't been getting her tested as often this past year. So if anyone's used them or heard of them, please reply and let me know what you think.

Dog UTI Home Remedies: What Works And What Doesn't?

Giving your dog AZO for a urinary tract infection is not totally safe or appropriate. Try natural remedies instead, or get a vet’s antibiotic prescription. While rare, AZO can be dangerous for certain dogs. Phenazopyridine, the active ingredient, is a bit risky.

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