The Most Dangerous Pet Chew Ever: Rawhide

I never gave my dogs rawhides after hearing they were bad. I always stuck to nylabones and Greenies. Was wondering a few things though. Are greenies okay for dogs? also I don’t buy food with red dye in it cause i heard it can cause kidney problems in some dogs especially litle ones and I’ve got a little Chihuahua mix now. Any truth to this?

Is Rawhide Bad for Dogs

Hi Gerry, Thanks for your comment. I completely agree that the need to chew (and to chew on appropriate things!) is an important issue here. Personally, we have searched for years to find chew bones/toys that our dogs enjoy and use, yet are still safe. For a while we used the white sterilized bones, until we saw reports of (and experienced) slab fractures to our dogs molars and pre-molars. Like you, we too had a very bad experience with a dog swallowing a large chunk of a rawhide, many years ago. Nyla bones work (kind of), but I am not thrilled with using plastic for chew toys. One of our current favorites are various types of Kongs, stuffed with high quality soft treats (which there are a nice selection of these days…..looking for a research paper that compares those!). I know all dedicated dog folks struggle with this issue, so was happy to see Maria’ and Kelly’s group’s study on treats. Let’s hope we see some more like this soon! Best, Linda

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Many dog owners ask whether rawhide for dogs is good or bad and what .. Not all rawhide is “bad” for dogs. Bully sticks do nothing to help clean teeth, nor does rawhide, and very few chew treat do much of anything to clean teeth . Daily or every other day brushing is the best way to delay the need for real dental cleanings. But it must be started before any tartar forms and it MUST be done at LEAST every other day to be truly effective.

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It seems that the answer to our original question "is rawhide bad for dogs?", is "not necessarily"! Unfortunately, the answer to our question "is rawhide safe for dogs?", is pretty much the same.

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Many people like giving their dogs rawhide chews as a treat. Rawhide is a popular treat that is good for their teeth and believed to promote their natural chewing instinct. However, there are some drawbacks from rawhide you probably don’t know, which will make you consider “Is rawhide bad for dogs”.We supervise our dogs when we give them rawhide now. I to give my newest sheepie something while I groom her... she will then stay put and allow me to brush her out completely, even her feet. I may try a stuffed Kong. I was thinking of going to compressed rawhide but then read that these too can cause problems , For now, we are giving ours the puffed rawhide and they seem to be okay. I always feel like the bad guy when it's time to take the chew away from them so I swap them for a food treat. In the end, it's up to us to do what's best for our dogs. They say there is some risk with anything that's fun.