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Isle of Dogs Royal Jelly Coat Supplement is a daily supplement that is used to control shedding, promote new hair growth and strengthen hair. When added to your dogs daily diet, it reduces shedding by promoting rapid hair growth because it pushes out the dead hair quicker. The richly concentrated Royal Jelly contains remarkable amounts of protein, lipids and vitamins that promote regeneration processes. Use in conjunction with Royal Jelly Shampoo as an effective treatment to fight against shedding. Bee products may cause allergic reaction in some dogs. Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. Recommended for breeds that shed or for dogs with wispy, lifeless hair. To use, simply add to dogs food daily, per recommended dose on the bottle. Ingredients include canola oil, royal jelly, ethylparaben, methylparaben and propylparaben.

These products look great from Isle of Dogs. I would like to try the grooming wipes.

oconut oil has a lot of health benefits for dogs, especially for their skin and coat. It's no wonder that many grooming product manufacturers are adding this ingredient to their shampoos and conditioners. Isle of Dogs has created an entire line around this super ingredient, and I wanted to see if it was really worth the hype.

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It sounds like she has the perfect coat for some Isle of Dogs products! If your dog has problems with itchy, flaky skin, give a try! And, I am positive they will love the Power with power-packed proteins! Finally, if you would love an odor-neutralizing spray for your dog and home that is safe, check out their . They come in a variety of amazing scents! You can find all these pawsome products on the Isle of Dogs . Try them today to keep your best friend healthy and beautiful from the inside and out!

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I was originally attracted to Isle of Dogs' products because of their shampoos and conditioners that are soap-free, sulfate free and paraben free. Unfortunately, after checking the ingredients closely after receiving the products, I found a few ingredients that I was concerned about.

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Founded by two passionate champion dog breeders, ISLE OF DOGSTM has created a canine grooming system that recognizes and addresses each dog’s uniqueness. Our founders researched products from around the globe and found their answer in England; where they uncovered some groundbreaking grooming solutions developed by a British chemist. The key to these solutions are cold-pressed Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) and Royal Jelly combines in a unique emulsion that suspends unusually high levels of natural oils in water-based products. This formula results in a smoother, shinier, and healthier coat for all dogs, and is the primary innovation behind the ISLE OF DOGSTM system.If you need to grow coat, try using the NaturaLuxury Masque as a daily conditioning mist. Dilute 10:1 and add a pump of Isle Repair to an 8oz. Isle of Dogs spray bottle, fill with water. Moisten the coat as much as possible daily. After bathing with any Coature product, dilute NaturaLuxury Masque 10:1 and work it into the coat. Don't rinse just towel dry, do this about once a month. The hair will magically appear! -Christina, CA.