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If your dog has itchy skin, it could be due to allergies. Sugar has allergies and deals with many Golden Itches! One reason I am always prepared wherever we go. At all times, I carry wipes and itch relief spray.

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Medi-Vet is pleased to offer a wide range of products to treat dog allergy symptoms and skin problems. As there is no cure for dog allergies, it is preferred to treat the symptoms with the right medications. We offer a variety of medicines including antihistamines and sprays at an affordable cost. Medicated shampoos and oatmeal shampoos are great options to relieve itchy skin and eliminate allergens. We also have nasal drops to help with sneezing, runny noses and congestion as well as eye drops for red, irritated eyes. Many of these products will also treat insect bites, bee stings, hot spot lesions, vaccine reactions along with helping your four legged friend get much needed sleep in order to get better faster. We know how much your dog means to you and we want to help you get the treatment you need for your dog’s allergy problems. That is why we offer the best brand name products at low discount prices.

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Next, Consider Ted's mange remedy - this can bring an itchy dog relief: Vitamin E oil is another soothing home remedy for a dog's itchy skin. Vitamin E capsules are available in most drug stores and health food stores. You can break open these capsules and apply the oil directly to the dog's skin. Vitamin E can also be given to the dog orally, but this may take longer to provide relief. Contact your vet for the correct dosing instructions before giving your dog Vitamin E.

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Our recent move to Southern California was not helpful to Sugar’s allergies. Even though Sugar wears PawZ dog boots, she continues to have itchy skin and licks her paws and legs (specifically her back legs). One reason Sugar often gets an oatmeal bath. Oatmeal is known to provide itch relief. On a previous post, I shared Sugar’s bath experience with .

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