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In recent years, the veterinary world has seen a greater advocacy for the as a canine health supplement. This push for kelp usage also stems from a mindset of owners who desire to take a more holistic approach to caring for their canines. Plus, dogs don’t seem to mind the plant.

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Life Line Pet Nutrition Organic Ocean Kelp Dog Cat Supplement

All Thing Dogs are happy to stock the famous Life Line Organic Ocean Kelp Dog and Cat Supplement. You can, and probably should, feed some kelp to your pet dog. The health benefits of this special sea vegetable are overwhelming. Canines receiving kelp supplementation are more likely to be healthy and strong. For a happier and longer life, you and your dog should consider adding this fabulous food.

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Concerns about kelp supplementation causing thyroiditis or other problems have circulated within the veterinary community for years, but little work has been done to document cause and effect in dogs and cats. In contrast, reports linking kelp to endocrine abnormalities have accumulated in the human medical literature over the past decade.

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I wanted to say thank you for this wonderful product! The Kelp Food Supplement Vegetarian Blend with Garlic has done so much good for my dog! A few months ago my puggle, Oscar, was having horrible skin problems. He was so itchy! He stopped playing, all he did was sleep and scratch. I didn't know what was wrong, but I didn't want to medicate him. One day, I came home to find that Oscar had scratched/chewed a bald spot on his tail till it was bleeding. That's when I took a friend's recommendation to try your product, and we couldn't be happier. After a week or two of patience, Oscar is doing great! His skin, coat, demeanor, and appearance have changed for the better. He has almost no itchies and scratchies anymore, and he is loving life! Thank you so much for providing a healthy, natural solution for my little man!
In terms of dogs, kelp supplementation will only work as intended if the dog has an iodine deficiency, which is highly unlikely. The majority of dogs that become hypothyroid suffer from inherited autoimmune thyroiditis (like Hashimoto’s lymphocytic thyroiditis in people), which has nothing to do with iodine deficiency. Further, excessive iodine supplementation can result in the overproduction of the T4 and T3 in dogs and cats, which triggers unintended cascading effects: in dogs, the immune system may wind up attacking the thyroid gland (producing excessive amounts of thyroglobulin autoantibody) which end up suppressing thyroid levels and causing the very hypothyroidism it was meant to prevent; whereas in cats, the overdosing can result in overt hyperthyroidism.