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My friend was feeding his dog while vacationing in Florida the Kirkland food and his ridgeback was so sick, runny stools. He switched his dog over to Eukanuba and his dog is back to normal. The owners of this dog food is not taking this serious... I will NEVER recommend this food again and I was thinking of quitting my costco membership and they do not care either. I kept a bag that is sealed and I am trying to take it somewhere to be analyzed as something is poisoning our dogs!!

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We bought several bags of Kirkland's nature domain dog food. We gave two of these bags to our daughter. We have a Mastiff German Shepherd mix dog and our daughter has a great Dane. Our dog became critically ill. He became lethargic and refused to eat. We spent hundreds of dollars at the vet doing x-rays, ultrasounds, and blood work. The analysis showed severe liver complications. We took him home from the vet to spend a couple of more days with him as the vet recommended to put him down. During that time at home we changed his diet to rice and meat. Almost immediately he began to respond.

It scored 80/100 points on our scale

Kirkland Dog Food Reviews, Ratings and Analysis price range $. 3. Top 10 Dog Foods Analysis - What is the best dog food brand. The Top. Mentés My three standard poodles have been extremely healthy their entire lives. We made the fatal decision to switch them from Canidea (which is an excellent dog food) to Kirklands. Within 2 months two of our dogs liver enzymes where through the roof. Friday, our 2.5 year old girl died! We are having a necropsy done with full analysis.. We are praying that will give us answers but it looks like a lot of people have had similar experiences… This needs to be publicized!!!!!

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The below NextGen Dog’s Kirkland dog food review analyzes product’s ingredients and nutrition, sourcing and manufacturing, any certifications and marketing claims used.

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