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Sonya….Taste of the Wild is a Diamond Dog Food and so is Kirkland. Sometimes we thing more is best. But, sometimes less is more and best. Do your homework…know where your dog food comes from. Kirkland now offers a grain free food called Natures Domain. This is only sold at Costco and is also made by Diamond.

Kirkland Signature Super Premium Dog Food A 40-pound bag costs $27.95.

I had been feeding the Kirkland Chicken and rice for almost a year, however about 2 months ago I started having dogs with intermittent loose or mushy stools, also occasionally someone vomited too. One of the dogs was not real interested in eating it all the time either. The dogs coats also did not look really shiny like they were which started getting me worried. I also have been buying the canned food which I thought was great, however now I don’t want to feed any of it. About 3 weeks ago I put the dogs back on Pro Plan Performance and Grreat Choice canned food. What has happened to the Kirkland foods? I understand Diamond is the manufacturer and they have had MAJOR PROBLEMS in the past. Costco needs to find out what they have done to the food before there are a bunch of DEAD DOGS and irate customers.

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The have limited cat & dog food available on Costco web site. Nature’s Domain, Kirkland Small Dog Chicken, and Kirkland Cat Healthy Weight. Earning a 4-star rating here, Kirkland dog foods are called "a pretty high quality product for the amount of dollars that it costs to buy." The biggest knocks are the use of white rice and rice bran and the fact that it's only available at Costco.

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We were feeding our Lab Kirkland's Nature's Domain Grain Free Turkey and he began getting very ill. After spending $500 at the vet to learn they could not find a problem with him, we switched his food and he has been great. Now we are watching my daughter's dog who has been profusely vomiting for 4 days only to learn the food she left with us is the same food! She has also spent $500 on vet bills to find "nothing wrong". Is Costco trying to kill our dogs? Why aren't they recalling this product and warning people?

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Does anyone know how much the Kirkland (Costco) brand of dog food is? I have read reviews that it is a pretty good choice but can't find the cost online and it's far enough away that I won't make a trip just to check the price. Most foods available in supermarkets and warehouse stores rank at the bottom of what pet food advocates say you should feed your dog. However, those who have a Costco membership do have one relatively high-quality and low-cost option: Kirkland Signature dog foods, including Kirkland Signature Lamb, Rice & Vegetable.