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Per the above negative reviews, the original recall was in 2012. The recalled dog food has been off the shelves for several years now. I can tell you I have two dogs, a German wirehaired pointer & a short haired pointer, both eat the Kirkland Signature Domain Turkey & Pea stew in the red can. I mix it with the Kirkland Signature healthy weight dry food, use a 3-1 ratio of wet to dry. They love the food, and flatulence doesn't seem to be as much as a problem as there was with other brands (well at least for one of them). Anyway as we all know, all dogs are different & react different, but I would say, if you're hesitant to try the brand because of the 2012 recall, don't be. I hope the helps.

I am wondering if Kirkland dry dog food can compare to blue Buffalo which I am previously feeding my two border collies? Thanks in advance.

Mary Cris Kohn, what most people and REVIEWERS do not realize, is that chicken meal and other meat meals are 80% bone. If you doubt me go to Tyson and check out their meal and they supply a lot of dog food companies. I used to believe that meal form meat was better, because it was added dry. I now know and feel that SOME whole meat is mandatory in my dogs food. Primitive Natural contains no whole meat. It also contains tomato pomace and sodium selenite, 2 ingredients I stay away from. Orijen does not contain any bad ingredients and some real meat. With that said, you should add some real meat in your dogs diet no matter what you feed. Kirkland is made by Diamond and I would never feed anything made by Diamond or Natura pet..

Kirkland Signature Lamb, Rice & Vegetable Review

I just read online some reviews on Kirkland dry grain free dog food and it was not good. I have 7 dogs who I started feeding this to. One can a day mixed with their dry food for all 7. They ate it up and seemed to love it. As time went on, they all began having diarrhea on and off. We took them to the vet when we were having concerns and the vet checked them out as healthy, and they suggested they were eating something in the backyard (my backyard was rather wild at the previous house). So we moved and now we have a tamed lawn and nothing hazordous for them to eat, but they still had diarrhea. So I decided to switch them to Purina One Smart Blend wet food and not only do they love it, but my dog’s stool has improved significantly. So, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND KIRKLAND’S wet dog food.
Also, for anyone who doesn’t know, check to make sure your dog food’s first few ingredients are things like chicken, beef and so on. Not by-products or something you never heard of. The first few ingredients are what is the majority of the food make-up.

Jul 6, 2016 - CS editors name this the best supermarket dog food

Kirkland Dog food - Natures Domain. I wanted to add to all of the online reviews of Costco brand dog food. We have been on the dog food for about 6 months with no issues, then all of the sudden with our most recent purchase of dog food my dog developed vomiting and diarrhea for 3 days. By the third day he had almost straight blood for diarrhea and was dehydrated. After our vet visit we are still not sure what the main cause was. We confirmed he had no parasites and his blood panel was normal. I threw out the remaining dog food and we have been on nothing but beef and rice and now adding back a higher end dry food. I will not be purchasing this food again.

For the price, you won't find a higher-quality dry dog food