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Buy high-quality puppy food. It's advisable to feed your puppy with the brand he has been weaned with by his breeder as changing your puppy's food overnight is likely to give him digestive problems. According to veterinarian Joseph DeMichael at Bainbridge Labradors, the right type of food is key to your pet's overall health. he states that a dog food suitable for a schnauzer, for example, is not suitable for a great Dane. This is due to different metabolic and nutritional requirements of various breeds. He also says that the Labrador breed is at risk of bone disorders, and that this often happens as the result of poor diet as a puppy. If you adopt your puppy from a shelter, talk to your vet about the best food for him.

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You are watching the Puppy Cam from the (WCC) Puppy Enrichment Center! It is here that Wounded Warriors and WCC staff and volunteers give WCC’s Golden and Labrador Retriever puppies the early nurturing and training they need to develop into life-changing service dog partners of combat Veterans with disabilities. The puppies learn to love, trust, and bond with humans through all of the positive interactions they have with legions of Warriors and volunteers. This is where they learn how to learn, and then progress to basic commands starting at about four weeks of age.

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Bred as a working dog and as a human companion, the Labrador is the most popular dog breed in North America.

Labradors were originally named St. John’s Dog , after the capital of Newfoundland in Canada. There, the puppies were raised as working dogs and as assistants to the fisherman. Through the years, labs developed athletic bodies, a short coat, and a sharp intelligence. The combinations of these traits make Labradors the perfect dog breed to assist veterans through the Warrior Canine Connection program.

Because Labradors were bred as working dogs, puppies must be trained to be obedient so as to avoid bad behavior. Their working roots also mean that they require lots of physical exercise to keep them calm

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Puppies on the puppy cam generally weigh about two pounds for every week of age. Meaning puppies that are one month old will weigh about 8lbs.

When the puppies reach adulthood and are full grown, the females will weigh about 50 to 75lbs and the males will weigh anywhere from 65 to 85lbs.

When puppies reach 10 weeks of age, they are placed with a family that will “parent” them and teach them the habits and skills necessary for working as a service dog.

The puppies at WCC undergo positive reinforcement methods, which means they are rewarded with treats and praise. After about two years of training, the puppies will have learned about 80 commands and the training will be coming to an end.

Thank you for watching the puppy cam at Warrior Canine Connection. New litters of puppies are featured on Puppy Cam throughout the year, so be sure to check back

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Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Labrador Retriever Puppy Dog Food Getting a new puppy? It’s an exciting time but we know just how difficult it can be to choose a name for your dog. So, we decided to compile a list of Labrador Retriever names to help you out. The names in the list are are names of real labradors and once you’ve taken a look, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect name for your pup!

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Labs show some variation in their activity levels, but all of them need activity, both physical and mental. Daily 30-minute walks, a romp at the dog park, or a are a few ways to . However, a puppy should not be taken for too long walks and should play for a few minutes at a time. Labrador Retrievers are considered "workaholics," and will exhaust themselves. It is up to you to end play and training sessions.

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