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If full coverage, including the legs, is absolutely necessary, you might need to look into a slightly more involved raincoat. Available in red, green and yellow, these track jacket style dog raincoats cover more of your dog than the others on this list, extending down to just about where their paws begin. This is great for dogs who hate to get wet. Freedom of movement is slightly hindered with these, since the legs are involved, but for casual walks or bathroom breaks, there should be no problem at all. Sizes range from extra small to extra-extra large.

Large dog coats for big dogs; also jackets and sweaters in many colors and patterns.

Conversely, larger dogs with dense hair coats do not have a need for additional insulation, and would be very uncomfortable if they were forced to wear outer clothing, possibly to the point of physically overheating. Their fur is already genetically designed to protect them from extreme winter temperatures. The Siberian Husky, Malamute, and Saint Bernard breeds are all excellent examples of dogs that are perfectly suited to cold temperatures, while the Chihuahua, Greyhound, and many terrier and pinscher breeds are good examples of dogs that would do well with a little extra outer insulation.

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Waterproof Dog Jackets & Warm Dog Winter Coats and Raincoats for Small, Large & Giant Breed Dogs Dog clothing, in general, seems to cater to the small to medium sized dog. Even smaller and medium sized dogs may have trouble getting the proper fit because like people, clothing is not a “one size fits all.” Larger dogs tend to get the short end of the stick: How to find a proper fit for your dog is a dilemma for the millions of pet parents who need clothes for their dogs. I am one of those dog moms: I have a Cocker Spaniel with a girthy chest: Most off the rack clothes, sweaters, and outfits simply do not fit him. The answer is custom affordable dog coats.

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Our first pick is this warm dog blanket/coat from Zack & Zoey. These coats come in a variety of colors which gives you plenty of choice, and they’re also available in several sizes – many of which are suitable for large dogs.

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In addition to protection from the elements, a raincoat for dogs can also provide protection from thorns and burrs. If you own a longhaired breed, or your fur baby has an especially thick coat, a dog winter jacket is definitely a plus when bounding around outdoors! Check out this with We carry small, medium and large jackets for dogs with the highest quality construction and fit—just make sure to look at each coat's sizing chart to make sure you're getting the best fit. (A small dog winter jacket in one style may be a medium in another style.)