Coolaroo Frame Dog Bed - Size: Large (51" L x 32" W · $44.42 ..

This unique fold-up design allows you to set up your pup's bed in seconds, and it will fold up for easy storage and portability. Like other products, this Coolaroo knitted fabric is durable and resistant to fading plus being resistant tothose pesky doggie odors. Your Coolaroo Foldable Steel Framed Dog Bed is very easy to maintain. You simply brush away the pet hair and other residues and then rinse the pet bed with a hose and allow it to air dry. So, your pet can enjoy this fine Coolaroo Dog Bed for years to come. This is a terrific portable dog or cat product to show your special "member of the family" just how much you care! Available in three sizes from small to large. Coolaroo dog beds come with .

Coolaroo Dog Bed Cover Large

The replacement cover for my large Coolaroo Dog Bed arrived on schedule. It was long over due. It had been out of stock for the longest time. I have waited almost two years for a replacement cover and I finally got one. My dog is happy to have his coolaroo bed back in service again. Coolaroo dog bed covers wear out and need to be replaced about every two years. I tried to order a new cover last year and it was out of stock. The Coolaroo warehouse and factory ran out of large dog bed covers about three years ago. The supply is just now beginning to catch up with the demand for large dog bed covers. Thank you for helping Coolaroo to meet their demand for large dog bed covers. Jack249

Best Outdoor Dog Bed for Large Dogs: Coolaroo Elevated Pet Cot.

Coolaroo Dog Bed Extra Large This Coolaroo elevated dog bed features an off-the-ground design and comes in large and extra-large sizes- so you can be sure it'll fit your large-breed pet.

Does Walmart carry the "ex large " coolaroo dog bed

This dog eventually acclimated to the bed and even though he is quite heavy, getting on or off the elevated dog bed doesn't move around or disturb too much. His experiment with his larger dog convinced him to purchase one of these Coolaroo pet beds for his small-breed Yorkshire terrier.

Coolaroo Dog Bed Replacement Cover Large Green - My Tarp

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Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed Large Brunswick Green Dog Cot
Dogs come in different sizes so do Coolaroo beds. The largest bed is 31.5 inches by 51 inches and hangs about 8 inches off the ground. This bed is best for large breed dogs like German Shepards and Golden Retrievers. The maximum a large bed can hold is 100 pounds. A medium sized bed from Coolaroo is 25.5 inches by 42 inches. The medium bed can hold dogs up to 75 pounds and is great for breeds like Beagle, Border Collie, and Cocker Spaniels. For smaller dogs there is a small bed that is 22.75 inches by 34.75 inches. Jack Russells, Maltese, and other medium sized dogs that weigh under 50 pounds will find this bed comfortable.