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Based out of New York City, in 1999 Pet Dreams was the first company to design crate covers and dog crate bedding with design, longevity, and comfort in mind. We have set a precedence in the industry for stylish, affordable dog beds, crate pads & mats in a wide range of colors and sizes from extra large to extra small. We even sell dog crates, becoming your one stop shop for all things dog bed related!

Molly Mutt dog duvets make a great extra large dog bed replacement cover

Our come in sizes to suit any dog, from toy breeds to wolfhounds. The smaller beds are even suitable for ! If you love the patterns we offer, you’ll also love our matching tote bags and sanitary pouches for walks. Next time you’re looking for large dog bed covers that will last and look good in your living room, come !

Komfy K9 large dog bed replacement cover

Petmaker Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed With Removable Cover - Large already viewed. Orthopedic beds are comfortable household accessories that improve the wellness of dogs. Unfortunately, because of the low quality covers that some models come with, bad odors and allergen build-up are common issues. To keep these issues at bay, Laifug 45DHI is one of the top 10 best dog bed covers reviewed for 2017 to use. Durable, waterproof, and with a removable designer design that is easy to maintain, it is an excellent indoor accessory. Its premium design eases hip dysplasia and arthritis-induced pain, while its extra-large design fits bed measuring up to 46 x 28 x 4-inches. This dual side cover has a sleek chocolate-themed outlook and tear-resistant seams.

PAW Large Memory Foam Dog Bed with Removable Cover

Featuring a convenient wipe clean design and a water-resistant construction that withstands abuse well, Molly Mutt Armor offers value. If you have an indoor dog bed, for instance, that you find hard to clean occasionally, this cover will better your experience. It contains sweat, water, and moisture well. Maintenance is straightforward using clean soapy water and a sponge, while its convenient 27 x 36 x 4.9-inch design is ideal. Whether you have a medium-sized or large pet bed, your dog will enjoy the invaluable experience this cover offers.

Internal Waterproof Dog Bed Cover in ExtraLarge, Large, Medium sizes.

DIY orthopedic dog bed/kennel pad. Found out the expensive serta dog bed we had was just two pieces of egg crate in a waste of money. Extra large dog bed cover and twin xl memory foam to make a bed for a large dog crate 42x28If you have an existing extra large dog bed that is comfy but looking a little shabby Molly Mutt dog duvets make a great replacement cover. Just measure the bed you want to re-cover and check the duvet size chart on the Molly Mutt website. If your dimensions match up with yours, go ahead and order a duvet (or two). You can even fluff up your existing bed with towels, t-shirts, etc. to customize it before placing the bed in the duvet.Molly Mutt dog duvets make a great extra large dog bed replacement cover. Lovers of have, for too long, faced a limited selection of comfy dog beds for their best friends. Often choosing a large size dog bed means sacrificing style, versatility, easy care, or all three. But there is a better way. Dog duvets are the solution to your woes! Molly Mutt dog duvets are available in a wide range of prints and solids to match (or stylishly clash with) the decor of any room in your home.Most dog beds have removable covers. (This makes the cleaning process easier!) If the dog bed cover isn’t removable, check the washing instructions. If your dog bed cover is removable, you want to start by removing the cover completely. Load the fabric cover into the washing machine. Wash separately from other laundry. Wash bed covers on a large load setting with cold water. Make sure to use a pet-safe laundry detergent to not irritate your dogs skin. The fabric cover can be washed more frequently if needed.