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Crates for smaller dogs can have one door. For larger dog, you can use with divider when they are a puppy. Remove the divider, a 2 door pet cages for dogs gives them more freedom.

Many brands of dog crate have dividers available that can be used to reduce the available space of a larger crate to suit a puppy.

The ideal spot for a crate is out of direct sunlight, and in the same place every day. Choose a crate large enough for your adult dog to comfortably stand up, turn around and lie down, but remember that too much room defeats the purpose of a den and may result in more potty accidents. Use the puppy divider included with your crate to limit space while they're still small.

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The American Kennel Club (AKC) - large travel and training crate is designed for any type of dog or puppy up to 90 lbs. Just pull panels into place and your crate is ready for use. Dual doors allow for front and side access whether you're at home or traveling. Each door is equipped with two safety latches to insure that your pet stays confined and safe. The crate divider panel (included) supports the crate training or house training process. Simply adjust the panel to fit your growing dog’s needs. Most importantly, you can feel confident that your new travel and training crate meets the highest safety and quality standards as it is the only crate endorsed by the AKC. Also available in small and Large. Floor protectors included.

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Dog Crate Divider Panel for Midwest 1154U Extra Large Dog Crates - Use this Handy Divider Panel to Make the Extra Large Dog Crate the Appropriate Size for a Growing Puppy. Saves Your Purse - Only Need to Buy 1 Crate- Grows with Puppies!The Life Stages Ultima Triple Door Folding Dog Crate is both heavier duty and three door. Just like the double door crate, it has a door on one end and a door on one side that both hinge on the left. The triple door crate also has a door on the other end that hinges to the right allowing even more flexibility in how you place your crate. The advantages of the triple door crate is that it has more access and is heavier duty. In addition, if you have multiple dogs, you can get a crate large enough for both and use the divider panel to separate the dogs. Because of the door on each end, the crate can be a home to two dogs. Tell me more about: .