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The small container can be used for traveling, as it isn’t secured to the large container at all. As you can see in my video review above, there is a groove around the lid of the large container, so the base of the small container can fit easily inside. If you don’t travel much with your pet, you can use the small container to store doggy treats. It’s just as important to store your dogs’ treats properly as it is to store his extra dog food.

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The entire compact system, when condensed, measures only 7.3 X 6.4 X 5.5 inches. Many customers commented on the size of the handle. They were impressed that it is big enough for people with large hands to carry comfortably. Typically, products with a compact design have a compact handle, but that isn’t the case with this travel dog food storage container.

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Pet Dog Cat Dry Food Container Storage Combo Airtight 12/33 Quart Box Large. The most basic food safety rule to follow for dog food is to wash your hands before and after handling. Not only do you want to prevent transferring any bacteria or other pathogens from your hands to your dog’s food, but you also want to avoid spreading something from your dog’s food to your own food or to the other members of your family. The latter is largely a risk associated with raw food, but any type of food can become contaminated with food-borne pathogens so you need to be careful. You should also be careful about cleaning and disinfecting your dog’s food bowls and storage containers. You should also make sure to clean whatever utensils you use to serve your dog’s food.

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The type of dog food storage container you choose will largely be a matter of preference but you do need to keep your dog’s safety in mind as well. Just make sure that you find a container large enough to hold a whole bag of dog food and that it has a tight-fitting lid. Once you’ve purchased your dog food storage container, all that is left to do is use it.

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Dog food, cat food, and birdseed stay fresh longer when stored in these airtight containers. The larger of the two can hold up to 25 pounds of grub and sits atop a set of wheels. The smaller container is designed for pet treats or storing food during road trips and doggie play dates. Not only do they help food maintain freshness, but the containers also stop pests, mice, and other in-house nuisances from stopping by for a meal.So what I did was, I purchased a food processor to prepare large batches of meat with fresh fruit and vegetables, and I got a bunch of durable and reliable dog food container storage bins to store both his fresh food and dry food kibbles. (I now limit his consumption of dry dog food kibbles as these are high in salt and preservatives.)