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chose the for many reasons, the first of which is its versatility. This kit comes with a large container mounted on 4 free-wheeling casters that make it easy to move around. This container holds upwards of 25 pounds of dog food. There is a smaller container that fits easily on top of the large one that will hold more than 10 pounds of dog food, and it also comes with a measuring scoop.

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As I promised, I have shared all the best dog food containers with you. All of them uses best materials for construction; provides safety to your pet food and can able to save your money by giving you the freedom to purchase a large amount of dog food at a time.

simplehuman | extra large dog & pet food storage container.

You and your four-legged friends will love our new Dry Dog Food Containers. The lid has a small opening for everyday use and a larger opening for refilling. Big enough to take a large sack plus biscuits on the top and at an affordable price, this was the solution I chose and am delighted with. IRIS dog food containers come in several different sizes in themselves or in this set and having bought two I can honestly say that for the first time in a long while, the sacks of food are neatly stored away, no more bits are getting flung out and the yucky meaty fishy smell has gone from my utility area – result.

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Our pet food can has a robust lock-tight handle that keeps food in and pets out. A silicone gasket forms an airtight seal so food stays fresh. The can includes a convenient scoop that attaches magnetically under the lid. The storage container's large capacity (25-29 lb/11-13 kg) is ideal for storing dog or pet food or other bulk items like flour, rice, sugar or charcoal.

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No matter what kind of pet you may have, they will need to eat. Storing their food can be a daunting task. Keeping a large amount of dog food on hand is important so that you do not constantly have to run to the store. Instead of keeping extra food sitting around in the open or the bag you can use an airtight dog food container. These dog food containers are great because they keep food fresh. They can also help keep rodents and pests out of the food. Even storing food indoors is not enough to . These airtight dog food containers are great for storing pet foods of all kinds.Plastic, glass or metal bins can also help protect dog food from the elements and from insects, rodents and other vermin; but owners should still place the food inside its original bag rather than pouring the kibble directly into a container. Store the bag or container off of the floor in a cool and dry location. Bins on wheels simplify the storage and movement of large bags of food.