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Thisconvertible dog trailer is available in a couple of bright colors (NeonGreen (pictured) and Blue). It comes with a good collection of featureswhich you would expect from a decent convertible pet trailer. When instroller mode, the front wheel can be locked or left free to swivel,and the handlebar is adjustable and has a handbrake mounted uponit. The quick-release rear aluminum wheels (12" front and 20"rears with suspension) are set back on the cabin for better balance andthe trailer tow bar sits folded away underneath. The cabin itself haszippered front and rear entrances/exits as well as a Velcro sealedsunroof and a front-facing weather screen. It also comes withreflectors, storage pockets and a removable cushion and leash. Thisproduct is relatively new on the marketplace at the time of writing andso, as yet, there are no reviews (we will update this listing when moreinfo becomes available). But Booyah do tend to make good qualitytrailers and strollers (the similar but smaller version of this Booyah(see Page 1) has achieved a high rating!) and so we’re hopeful thatthis will eventually join their ranks. Until we know more, however, wewill award a default average mark to this promising large dog trailer /stroller.

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Eventhough it’s described as a 2-in-1 stroller / trailer this ‘Croozer’ canalso act as a soft dog crate for those well-behaved pooches out there –so really a 3-in-1 product! Anyway, no matter how many ways it can beemployed, it’s certainly a sturdy, no-nonsense-looking piece of kit. Adurable floor-pan provides a solid base for your pet to ride on and aremovable padded mat provides it with comfort as it does so. D-ringsare incorporated to leash your friend to and front and rear reflectorsadd to the safety side of things. A large rear door allows admissionand this, a long with large mesh windows, provides ventilation. A handystorage pocket is also included at the front of the cabin and tie-downsare available at the base for safer transport when used as a crate. Thekakers boast that this Croozer is easy to clean, easy to convertbetween modes and easy to collapse and store. As you might expect,however, for all of the above the price is at the high end of thespectrum. This may be why there are no buyer reviews at this time!

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Thanks Kim Locke for this review on our Booyah’s Large Dog Stroller/Trailer Anuncharacteristically low score so far for this ‘Booyah’ stroller andtrailer. It is early days with just a handful of reviews but it’scertainly not a great start! The design, which is biased towards use asa stroller or jogger, we feel, rather than a trailer, sits upon large20” rear wheels and a 12” lockable front wheel with a padded handlebarleaning up and out from the rear of the canopy. Obviously, the frontwheel can be replaced by the included tow arm and hitch for use as atrailer. A rudimentary manual parking brake is positioned at the sideof the cabin and a restraining leash included on the inside. Largefront and rear zippered entrances/exits and substantial meshside-windows provide plenty of ventilation and dual weather screens canbe employed depending on the weather. At the time of writing this XLhybrid stroller/trailer is available in a couple of colors: green(pictured) and blue. The large weight capacity is definitely a bonusfor the heavyweight pets out there but, as Booyah themselves will warnyou, weight is only one half of the equation: compare the innerdimensions to those of your dog whilst sitting or lying down also! Asmentioned before, the reviews thus far are hovering around average withconcerns over quality and assembly. Only time will tell if this is aproduct definitely worthy of investment in!

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TheDoggyhut trailer remains popular across its range of sizes andcombinations. (See the other pages on this site for variations on thisproduct.) In this case the large trailer has been teamed up with ajogger kit to offer that 2-in-1 capability for heavier dogs (up to90lbs). The trailer itself, as mentioned in our overviews of its othersizes and styles, is a solid product. The cabin is constructed from apowder-coated steel frame and is covered with a hardy 600D polyesterand mesh material. An anti-slip floorboard completes the enclosure andinside a safety leash is included whilst reflectors, front and back,adorn the outside along with a flag. A universal hitch is also includedin with the price which should allow connection to most bikes. TheDoggyhut is a robust product and is sold in combination with thestroller parts at a reasonable price. It does lack suspension, however,and only has a fixed wheel at the front when being used as a jogger orstroller. These things should be taken in mind before deciding thatthis is the right vehicle for you and your pet! The reviews areextremely good though and, as mentioned before, this particularDoggyhut combination is being received as well as the others!

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