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Dog parents who like to be active and jog, bike or get outdoors on hikes need a dog jogging stroller like the Booyah Large Pet stroller. It is ready to hit the trail with a bright color scheme and reflective patches for increased visibility. It has a manual handbrake for better function. The maximum weight it will hold is 88 pounds so it may not be suitable for a very large dog but medium to large dogs will fit comfortably.

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The Pet Stroller/trailer is available in a variety of colors for both the medium and large designs, but the base color is always gray. These are the available colors for the Sepnine 2 in 1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer.

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Doggyhut Large Pet Bike Trailer / Jogger Kit Dog Bicycle Carrier Blue 7030202 For the larger dog, we offer (17" x 17" back door with tinted plexiglass window), 2 sliding windows--one each side, 1 large vent and solar power vent on top. We recommend the solar power vent on top depending on the climate where the pet lives. There is very good air circulation in the trailer with the vents and windows.

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Trailers for dogs are exactly what they sound like. They are trailers, for dogs. Ostensibly these are primarily for transporting the medium to larger size of dog, generally above 20-25 lbs, or for moving more than 1 dog at a time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get one for smaller dogs. It just means they’ll have that little bit more room to stretch out in.

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Large dog bike trailers for pets weighing 90 lbsplus. MaximumWeight is just one aspect to bear in mind, however. Be sure to checktheinterior sizes of the dog trailer cabins also and how they compare withyour hound's size.A page of pet stroller/trailers/joggers built withlargerbreeds of dogs in mind - 70 lbs and above. Be sure of the interiordimensions of thesecabins as well as their weight bearing capacity to find the one bestsuited to your faithful friend.
Oneof the many great things about the Solvit HoundAbout trailer is thechoice for the cabin’s frame. Not only is there an option for its size(color changes between sizes), but it’s also up to you to decidewhether you’d prefer an aluminum or steel one! (The aluminum is lighterbut more expensive than the steel – but both are strong enough for thejob!) The fabric for the cabin is also tough and made with a 600Dpolyester material. It houses mesh windows, a rear entrance and atypical 2-in-1 vinyl/mesh zippered windscreen. The design also comeswith a universal bicycle hitch and a waterproof floorboard and can befolded easily for storage or transportation. The HoundAbout may notcomewith many of the added extras other dog trailers do but, even so, it’sproving very popular at this time. Obviously, having both a smaller andlarger size available makes it more compatible across the dog-sizespectrum and, therefore, gains it more happy passengers!Ifyou scroll up and down our pages you will notice that ‘DoggyRide’products appear quite often. This is no coincidence as this site’s aimis to only feature the highest rated large dog bicycle trailers andDoggyriderepeatedly fit that criterion! The ‘Novel’ trailer has been around forsome time (see the 10 th Anniversary version above) and has maintainedits popularity due to its detail and design. This Novel (this is anupgraded design from the original) is based around a light aluminumalloy frame which weighs just 30lbs. It has quick release wheels whichhave stainless steel spokes and hubs, a padded headrest to keep yourfaithful friend comfortable as well zip-on side rain screens. Otherextras include reflective striping, a back pouch and a water bottlepocket. The Novel is available in two colors at this time: OutdoorsGreen/Gray (pictured) and Urban Red and Black. Great product– great reviews!