NEW 2009 Laube Mini MICRO 721 Dog Grooming Clipper Kit

I have the Cordless Laube Cowgirl clipper and I looooooove it. A full power clipper that's cordless! I also have the cordpack in case I need to plug the battery in for a bit. It was a pretty penny, but totally worth it especially if I'm wetshaving matted dogs or even grooming any dog because I can walk around the table and not get tripped up on cords. I will say they are pretty loud & heavy, and the vibrating in my hand bothered me for a while when I first got them. I bought 2 of the Laube clipper blades and they were more expensive, but they are soooooo great! I definitely want to pick up some more (usually I use Geib Buttercut or Andis Ultraedge).

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Over the years, I have bought both Andis or Wahl and have always had fantastic customer service and they'd always honor their warranty. Laube, on the other hand, sells poor quality clippers and backs them up with equally poor quality customer service. Hi All...I'm new to this. My friends are into barrel racing, but I am a proud owner of too many dogs.

Laube Big K Clipper Blade Comb Size 2- 3/8" (10 mm) - A Fortunate Dog

I'm considering a Laube dog Clipper and would be grateful for some advise. (I'm interested in the clipper that is best for grooming toypoodles - and I guess both Andis and Laube are perfect for grooing toypoodles. I have pretty small hands (but normalsized), so that's important too when choosing a dog clipper.)

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Kim Laube SE135000 Kim Laube Tune Up Kit for Mini/Micro and Enduro Clippers for Pets >>> Wow! I love this. Check it out now! : Dog supplies for health

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While there are many choices out there, the best quality and most widely discussed dog clippers are made by either Oster, Wahls, Andis, or Laube. They are all reputable brands and make quality products. The challenge is simply in finding the best clippers for your needs.