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I’d dreamed of coming to Hollywood and training dogs for movies and TV—like my two favorite shows, Lassie and The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin. But when I did finally make it to Los Angeles, my first job was as a kennel boy at a successful dog-training facility. My own ideas of training were still evolving, but I knew I didn’t like a lot of the methods in use at the time. I was able to use the time to learn by observing everything that was going on around me. And here’s another lesson if you are going to pursue your dream: You can learn from every experience. Everybody is a teacher, not just those who encourage you, but also those who try to pull you down.

You will learn to use games and quantification to train and motivate people to train their dogs.

We had numerous “expert dog trainers” work with our all three of dogs (Trevor, Mally & Cooper) but I just felt the prices they charge was just plain ridiculous for the results I was getting. In the case of Cooper, sending him to a dog trainer had negative effects on him and made him very socially anxious. I came across a program online that taught me how to train my dogs myself and not only was it a hell of a lot cheaper but if you met my dogs you would see how amazing the results have ever been. Its not exactly rocket science either, I learnt everything I know from the step by step instructions at the website below:

Certification for professional dog trainers and behavior consultants

You will learn how to conduct dog training classes for puppies and adult dogs. Although senior pets are able to learn and perform new behaviors, there are a few factors to be aware of. Many older dogs have difficulty with behaviors that require extensive stamina or strength, making tasks like competitive flyball or agility training unrealistic. Senior pets also have possible changes in the brain associated with aging that can affect learning. One potential way to combat brain aging is to ask your veterinarian about adding fatty acids and brain health supplements to your dog's diet, such as Neutricks, which may help with healthy brain aging. Finally, if your pet develops behavior changes in old age, don’t jump right to training, but consult with your veterinarian first, as some changes can be linked to medical issues that your veterinarian needs to address, such as canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome.

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Recently, Moxie, a newly adopted 10-year-old , came into my training class. She had no prior training and growly manners with other dogs. Moxie’s pet parent, Cheryl, was a first-time small dog owner and she wanted to start their relationship off right. Moxie quickly learned the basics, such as sit, down, stand and heel, and very soon began to outperform her younger peers with tricks, such as and . Despite all of the other dogs in class being years younger than Moxie, she rose to class stardom and unabashedly became the teacher’s pet, stepping up as my demo dog for most of the exercises we learned.

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