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Leather dog collars are so wonderfully classic. Adding a personalized engraved buckle just makes them that much better! Our laser engraved name plate eliminates the need for tags and the jingle jangle that comes along with them. Plus, this personalized dog collar can include your number, address, microchip number or a combo of the three!

Classic Personalized Leather Dog Collar with Brass Buckle -- 3 colors to choose from

These leather personalized collars come with a stainless steel dog collar name plate that fits up to 4 lines of personalized information in your choice of 13 fonts. That’s plenty of space for your dog’s name and owner contact information. At dogIDs, we use a strong fiber laser to engrave our collars – meaning that every dog collar name plate is engraved to the highest quality and precision and will not wear off. We guarantee it for the life of your pet.

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No additional dog tag needed--just personalize this handsome leather collar with your pet's name.
Whether you have one dog or your own pack of dogs, a personalized dog collar is more than a decorative accessory; it can also be a safety measure. It allows people to greet your pet by name, and should he get loose, a collar customized with your phone number makes it much more likely that your dog will be returned home. Suit your style and your dog's with collars that range from colorful nylon to classic leather. Go as fancy or as basic as you like!

Leather ScruffTag Personalized Dog CollarsAs low as: $ 42.00.

Leather collars are usually made from cowhide and come flat or rolled, typically (but not always) with a buckle closure. You can think of a leather dog collar more or less as a belt for your dog’s neck; the quality of the leather determines the price. The leather dog collar now comes in a multitude of colors, and in many widths and varied styles. And many leather collars may be personalized with embossing or engraving.

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Leather Dog Collar With Personalized Nameplate. This would be great for my puppy because whenever he runs around, his collar tags make so much noise!Take a look at our comfortable and beautiful engraved personalized leather dog collars. On this website you can find best personalized pet collars in different styles: classic leather personalized dog collars, rolled leather dog collars, , Greyhound dog collars, martingale collars, choke dog collars, side release buckle dog collars and .