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Tips to Buying a Lighted Collar Here's a lighted collar buying guide that is designed to help you find the right collar based on your dog's size and how you will use the collar.
If you have a small dog, there are two options- there is now a small and extra small collar, made from Nite Ize! The challenge of a lighted collar is that the battery pack is inherently large, so it dictates the width of the collar. Another option is to buy a reflective collar and add petlits (thinnest types of lights) to the collar. We WERE so excited to be one of the first retailers in the US, to carry the Company of Animals VIVID lighted dog collars. These collars HAD everything! --- rechargeable battery packs, reflective stripes, two different modes, excellent quality nylon and a very secure buckle. Unfortunately, this great collar had some execution issues. The chargers were an issue. Medium or large dogs can wear any kind of collar. If your dog has long hair or folds of skin around the neck, you are best with an LED Collar. The LED safety collar uses two AAA batteries and is the brightest collar. It fastens with velcro and the batteries last over 100 hours. It's SUPER BRIGHT and only flashes, so if you are sensitive, we recommend the glow collar. The glow collar is very well designed. IT holds up the best of any lighted dog collar. It has tubing inside which have a steady and blink mode. This is great for sensitive eyes but it makes this the perfect collar for a dog to wear at night so you don't trip over the dog. The batteries last 35- 40 hours of continuous use and takes (2)CR2032V batteries. This is a very durable collar but you have to cut the inside tubing to fit your dog before wearing it. This is a one-time process. The reflective collar by Niteize has a velcro attachment and attaches to a collar or harness. It has a glow or flash function and is also reflective.

The best dog collar light on the market -Waterproof, impact -resistant, bright. Worn by police dogs, firefighters, miners and the military.

Puplight's collar is in two pieces that snap together. If the large size strap is too small for your dog's neck, snap in the second smaller piece. Adjust the collar so it fits snuggly around your dog's neck. Put the Puplight on the doubled up part of the strap. The strap should be in front of the middle part of the attachment. If both pieces snapped together are a little too big, put your finger behind the strap in front of the attachment and pull slightly. This creates a loop that tightens the fit of the collar.

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Cetacea LED Light Up Dog Collar is fashionable, high quality, and weather resistant Still think this is a great idea but the problem is when you try to adjust the size to fit your dog. After following the instructions to remove and trim the light band that slips inside the collar, I used the adjustment to make it smaller. Problem is as soon as the dog pulls against the leash the collar expands to it's maximum size allowing the possibility of the dog slipping out of it. I now use 2 collars on his walk, the lighted one for safety and a regular collar to attach the leash to.

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This Buying Guide will help you find the right collar based on your dog's size and how you will use the collar (i.e: outdoors, in water, etc).
A lighted collar is a critical product for your dog's safety.
A lighted collar gives you the added safety of 360 degree visibility unlike a blinker or a collar light which typically hangs under your dog's neck. Most lighted collars flash to increase visibility. We are the experts in lighted collars and have been selling them for over 5 years and have talked with thousands of customers about their experiences and what works for their dogs and how they utilize the collars. A lighted collar can be temperamental because you have electrical components exposed to weather, dogs running through water, pulling and turning, and everyday wear. Most collars cost $20 (a dinner out) and last from 2 months to 2 years depending upon the dog and the collar. We think this is a fair price for keeping your dog safe, if it stops a car or confuses a coyote one time, it's worth every penny.

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