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I too am contacting them. This is unacceptable. Where’s the quality control?
Their product did not look this way 4 years ago. Needless to say, I bought Francoise and Jack hamburger meat, wheat germ, sweat potatoes, and carrots and made them a meat loaf. I’ll freeze it in slices and feed her this until her organic food gets here.

Little did we know her dog food might eventually contribute to her downfall.

One of my pet peeves when looking at dog food is the way it is marketed and/or packaged. I don’t know why some things bother me like they do. It seems to me some methods of advertising are redirecting the focus on other things which takes away from the actual quality of the food so companies are marking up the price of the food to cover their over the top packaging, marketing or advertising. For instance this food in particular using a NON-PROFIT rescue and the Creators role as robin 30 some years ago (A has been). Well there is more, and I will leave the rest of you to decide for yourself how good this food is and how legitimate the business really is….now I am not one to believe “everything I read” and only 1/2 of what I see, but what I read on the link below when first researching the company left me sleepless and up all hours of the night online looking at more and more and more

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Purina Little Bites Dog Food receives the Advisor’s lowest rating of 1 star. I have a 2 yr. Toy Fox Terrier Pom mix and a Pug. The Toy Fox Pom is a picky eater. He grew up on Royal Canin, which was recommended by the vet, however I have now discovered that the brand uses by-products instead of good meats. I then switched to Blue Mountain Freedom Grain Free – both the dogs eventually liked it, however i noticed their poo’s were not solid..more on the sot watery side. I have tried Fromm, and Acana, but I have not had much luck there. We switched to raw food (chicken) on recommendation of a family business groomer that sells dog food that we go to often. The pug ate the raw chicken almost immediately, but the Toy Fox Pom was not having any. I tried tricks like searing it a little, adding cheese on the top, chicken broth and garlic salt. The Toy Fox Pom did have runny poo’s the first week. And the day has come, three weeks later, he did not want any this morning. He was eating it till last evening and the pug now prefers a little sear. I am worried now and it has been a struggle getting them to eat the food for a few days now. I want to switch back to dry kibble. I would love something grain-free, nutritious, ideally no unnecessary fillers – yes the holy grail of foods. What do you guys recommend?

Jun 2, 2017 - Bad ingredients make dog food unsafe and unhealthy

I’m not advocating the use of corn in dog food – I agree it’s a low quality ingredient that’s not species appropriate – however, not for the reasons you stated.

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