The little toy dog is covered with dusts

and great with adults, kids and other pets, too. Often confused with the English toy spaniel, this little dog is affectionate, fun and easy to train.

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Eugene Field wrote a touching poem about Little Boy Blue and his toys. Well, in addition, did you know Little Boy Blue also had a dog? A real, live one.

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The little toy dog is covered with dust No major or reputable dog registry recognizes the term "teacup" dog, thus the toy/teacup boundary remains fuzzy. The standard size for a toy dog ranges from 4 to 7 pounds; anything smaller than the standard size of a toy dog may be a runt of a litter. No official size defines a teacup dog, but unofficially a teacup dog is considered[] to be a dog that is 17 inches or less and weighs 4 lbs or less at the age of 12 months. There are no specific teacup dog breeds, but popular types for breeding teacup dogs include: , , , , , , , and , among others.

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The most important criteria for a dog to qualify as a Toy breed is its size. A Toy dog must be 18 inches or less when it reaches it mature state. Another criterion is the purpose of a Toy dog. However, this criterion is more or less an area of contention among dog experts. Some hold that a Toy dog is just an animal companion that has a slow movement and does little exercises due to its low endurance. Others would maintain that gazehounds and hunting dogs that are hardy as well as fast qualifies as Toy dogs provided they are within the 18 inches or less limit. Even dog registries don’t agree on standard criteria for Toy dogs expect the size.
As I mentioned above the only relevant criteria for a Toy dog is size.

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The little toy dog is covered with dust,
But sturdy and staunch he stands;
And the little tin soldier is red with rust,
And his musket moulds in his hands.
time was when the little toy dog was new,
And the soldier was passing fair,
And that was the time when our Little Boy Blue
Kiss'd them and put them there.
"Now, don't you go till I come," he said,
"And don't you make any noise."
So toddling off to his trundle bed
He dreamt of the pretty toys.
And, as he was dreaming, an angel song
Awaken'd our little Boy Blue
Oh, the years are many, the years are long,
But the little toy friends are true.
Aye, faithful to Little Boy Blue they stand,
Awaiting the touch of a little hand,
The smile of a little face.
And they wonder, as waiting the long years through
In the dust of that little chair,
What has become of their Little Boy Blue
Since he kiss'd them, and left them there.Because of these conditions, the military could not award McKone and Olmstead the Medal of Honor. Instead, the airmen were given the opportunity to publish their story in a book, “The Little Toy Dog.” They also were given small homecoming ceremonies in their individual hometowns.The little toy dog is covered with dust,
And sturdy and staunch he stands
And the little tin soldier is red with rust
And the musket molds in his hands
Time was when the little dog was new,
And the soldier was passing fair
Ah, but that was when Our LIttle Boy Blue
Kissed them and put them there.
Wonder toddled to the chair and his nose rested on the chair near the little toy dog and the little toy soldier with his musket in his hands. Wonder stayed in Boy Blue’s bedroom for a long time. Then, he fell asleep…forever!