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6. Target your advertising. Instead of just buying ads in the local weekly paper or daily broadsheet, do some homework to find out what pet people read. It may make more sense to invest in linking your website to that of a local food store, or dropping off fliers in person at a large chain store if permitted. Consider national magazines, such as "Dog Fancy," which offer small classifieds -- for a fee -- in the back of their magazines. If your state is sorely underrepresented, you may have found a hole waiting to be filled by your kennel.

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Dog kennel businesses provide a safe location for pet owners to leave their dogs when they are at work or out of town. Starting a dog kennel business requires more than just a love of animals, however. The health and well-being of boarded dogs must be taken into consideration, as must the legal responsibilities of caring for the pets of others. Local zoning laws should be investigated before opening a dog kennel business as well.

Local kennel under fire after PETA video shows systemic abuse of dogs

HALIFAX – A local dog kennel is working with health officials to recover from a deadly outbreak of parvovirus in Halifax this week. Dog Boarding Dallas Doggy daycare, pet boarding, puppy daycare—whatever you call it—is really important for the physical, mental and emotional health of your dog. Underdog Kennels combines the best local dog groomers, the kindest people in dog adoption and dog rescue (with the help of Dallas Pets Alive!, of course), and Dallas dog boarding to create

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We offer cageless dog boarding, Scottsdale dog boarding and Scottsdale pet sitting. Always Unleashed (formerly Caren's Critter Camp) is located in Scottsdale Arizona. Always Unleashed prides itself on being "the next best thing to home" and we mean it. All our campers stay in our spacious house where they have free access to the outdoors and other campers. With no cages (cageless boarding) to keep them bound up and no set routines, dogs get to be healthy, happy, and free while you are away. They get to look forward to one on one time with Karen Bons, the camp's owner, and her two children. Always Unleashed has been supported by a steady stream of happy return customers, and we look forward to your business!We opened up our loving, spacious home in Northern Scottsdale AZ "to the dogs" to provide a superb alternative to kenneling. Next time you travel leave guilt free, kick the kennel habit and give your dog a wonderful canine vacation at Always Unleashed. is one of the fine things we offer at Always Unleashed. We also offer local dog sitters, and local pet sitters at our kritter camp.

Local Dogs safe, cause undetermined after fire at Arundel kennel

Our employees can give you the right advice on quality pet boarding your pets will enjoy that we have multiple playtimes a day included. Are we different? YES! we have been in business for over 30 years dog overnight boarding and cat overnight stay all our are our guests at the Canine Country Club. Are you in need of cat overnight care near Jordan? We love cats just like you we love watching your dog while you're on vacation so contact us today at Canine Country Club in Elko. If you have a question on boarding your dog contact our staff. Who is Canine Country Club? We are a family owned and operated pet boarding. Our goal is to make your vacation pet worry free Near Jordan. Canine Country Club is a great local company that provides great kennel and boarding care near Jordan, MN. Local dog boarding conveniently located in the Spokane Valley, off of I-90. K9 Country club has a modern pet hotel with individual dog kennels and VIP kennels. Featuring a live video feed so you can check in.