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In hot and humid weather, you might be tempted to shave your long-haired dog to provide him heat relief. That's not always a good idea. If you do want to give your dog a short cut, do so before summer's heat is in full sway. Otherwise, your dog could develop sunburn. If your dog has a single coat -- as is the case with poodles or bichon frises -- the hair will grow back normally. If your dog sports a double coat, consisting of an undercoat and topcoat, shaving could cause permanent coat abnormalities. The topcoat also helps cool dogs naturally, although it might not appear that way to humans.

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A single gene is known to cause long haired phenotypes in mammals. This gene is fibroblast growth factor 5 (FGF5). In dogs, all long haired phenotypes are inherited in a recessive manner and while the single known mutation in FGF5 explained most of the long hair phenotypes in dogs, it was not a good match in some breeds, namely the Afghan hound, Japanese Chin, Samoyed, Silky terrier and Yorkshire terrier. Recent research has located four (4) additional mutations in FGF5 that broadens our understanding of long hair in dogs and helps to explain remaining long hair phenotypes. These newly located mutations do not explain differences in medium and short coat types and for the sake of the study even Siberian Huskies were deemed to have a “short” coat, except for the very lengthiest coat type.

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For long haired dogs, there are different cuts that are preferred for the summers. These include: The right comb is the first line of defense in the war on tangles. Long-haired dogs are prone to mats because each individual hair rubs and wraps around the hairs next to it, creating a large knot that will form a thick mat if left unchecked. Brush your dog with a slicker brush once a day to loosen knots and prevent tangles from forming. Start at the base of the dog’s skull and work your way down the back and neck, paying special attention to the areas where tangles are common, such as behind the ears and under the chin. Brush the rest of the dog gently, including the legs and the long hair under the tail. Hold the dog’s tail away from the body and brush the hairs straight down toward the floor to remove tangles that otherwise may be overlooked.

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Though not as common as their short-haired companions, many long-haired dog breeds have gained popularity through “designer” breeding and rescue organizations. We take a look at some of the better-known breeds and a few you may not recognize.

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You love your dog's long hair, even though it requires extra grooming efforts on your part. Hairstyles or cuts for long-haired dogs depend on your dog's breed and his coat texture. In hot weather, or if you live in a warm climate, you might opt for a shorter cut than is standard for your pet. While you can do minor trimming yourself, for best results take your dog to the groomer.First of all, don’t panic—if you have a small breed dog thathas long hair, you will probably encounter a tangle or mat at some point. In Long haired dogs, hair mats happen!