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We love our new Jibber Gear pooper scooper! It is So practical. We have two small dogs with small turds so this type of scooper makes it easier to pick up. My 6'2" hubby loves the long handle so no more stooping over. We also appreciate the high quality of the product. Thank you so much for creating such a helpful and quality product. Susanne, July 3, 2015

Poopscoopusa sells long handled pooper scoopers for dogs covered by a lifetime guarantee.

The BEST pooper scooper we've ever owned, By far...the BEST pooper scooper we've ever owned. And with 4 dogs, we've owned a lot! It's extremely strong steel forks and big bolt connecting the extra long handle, is a genius and yet simple design. By Donna B. August 22, 2014

Also, pick one with a long handle if you are a tall person.

Purchase Pooper Scooper - Long Handle Poop Scoop for Dogs - Easy Cleanup for All Pets - Spring Loaded for Picking Up in Grass Dirt or Gravel from Univ. The size of this all-plastic scoop makes it suitable to clean up waste from large dogs. The last motion of a one-hand poop scoop requires the user to drop the waste in a plastic bag or bucket. A scoop that is too heavy makes this action difficult to perform, and over a long period of time, it causes fatigue. For this reason, it is essential that a one-hand pooper scooper is lightweight. Along with a spring-action handle, the Nature's Miracle Jaw Scoop P-6007 is lightweight enough to allow users to scoop with one hand for extended periods of time. Due to its round scoop, it works best on hard surfaces such as driveways, patios, and sidewalks.

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Best Scooper Ever! You get what you pay for and this is the cadillac of pooper scoopers! Well worth the cost compared to the cheaper metal and plastic models on the market. I stopped using the cheap plastic ones with the squeeze grip because they are uncomfortable to grip especially if you have a smaller hand grip and they inevitably break. Eventually I went with the rake model and found most bent easily or the tines broke and the handles were either too short or all metal and not ergonomic at all. After 20 years as a dog owner and many woes in scooping poop, the Jibber Gear Pooper Scooper has finally solved all of my problems! The extra long, round wood handle is comfortable and works for all heights and hand grips. The angle of the scoop allows for quick pick up. Saving the best part of the review for last is the scoop itself! Solid is the one word I would use to describe it. It is solidly made and I can see this lasting for a very long time. The scoop size is great with the two side tines slightly raised as well as the back piece so nothing rolls off. Nothing but positive praise to sing about this product! My two dogs thank you because it is so very easy to keep their yard clean now. By Mari8 on August 18, 2015

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MERRY Green Long Handle Durable Plastic For Large Dogs Small Cats Petco Dog Pooper Scoopers >>> Check out this great image : Dog Litter and HousebreakingAfter you have finished cleaning up your yard with your shiny new weapon of dog waste destruction, the 'Long Handled Pooper Scooper for Dogs', you will have to face the waste and decide what to do with it ;-) Here some suggestions: