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you must stay 10% & under in fat for kibble, if you feed wet tin food stay 2% & under, wet is better for Pancreatitis, I even had to lower the Protein cause of acid reflux, some dogs with Pancreatitis will get Acid Reflux, being on a lower fat diet they will start to lose weight so increase the feed, I use to feed wet food for Breakfast then Kibble for lunch & dinner, to keep the weight on… You’ll work it out, Please read the Fat% in everything you put in Kolbies mouth,…

I'd go with a lower fat food then TOTW, it's an excellent food but a bit rich for pancreatitis prone dogs

There are supplements that will help your pancreatitis prone dog as well. Chief among these is a . Pro-biotics are not recommended for dogs in the throes of pancreatitis (acute pancratitis) but as a maintenance measure, Digestive Enhancers will help your dog handle his food overall with their mix of pro-biotics, pre-biotics and digestive enzymes. is another supplement that has been shown to be beneficial in cases of pancreatitis by lowering fat levels in the blood.

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Aug 15, 2014 - It is at this time that food should be reintroduced. In dogs, dietary fat is known to be associated with the development of pancreatitis and can stimulate the secretion of a hormone that induces the pancreas to secrete its digestive hormones. Therefore, low fat foods are recommended. The goal of treatment is to rest the pancreas, provide supportive care and control complications. If vomiting is severe, treatment usually consists of withholding all food, water, and oral medications for 24 hours to stop the stimulation of the pancreas. Depending on the dog’s response, food can be reintroduced after a day. At that time, the dog should be fed small, bland, easily digestible meals that are high-carbohydrate, low-fat. Over a period of a week, meal size and quantity of food can be increased. The dog may need to stay on a special diet for life, or it may be possible to gradually reintroduce the former diet. High-fat diets or treats should be avoided. Since dehydration and electrolyte imbalances are common in dogs with acute pancreatitis and water intake is often restricted, fluid therapy is usually needed. Fluids are either given subcutaneously or intravenously.

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A “Low-fat” food isn’t always for greed and hype. I have 3 dogs with digestive issues. One is currently hospitalized for Pancreatitis. Eating a diet that isn’t low fat will kill him. These dogs MUST have a food with less than 10% fat content. Cholesterol isn’t an issue with dogs as it is with humans, but elevated Triglicerides in a dog hould be of concern.

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