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Martingale (greyhound or lupine) dog collars are popular for gentle control verses a choke chain. Originally designed for sighthounds, they also work well for dogs who try to back out of their traditional buckle collars. Also popular with agility and flyball trainers who want gentle control of their dog at all times. The collars are designed to lay flat on the dogメs neck and are often much wider than traditional collars.

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My dog wears a collar with her tags all the time, and a martingale when going outside. Her (also Lupine) martingales have great patterns and bright colors, but I was having a hard time finding a simple collar to complement them that wasn't just a primary color. It took me way too long to realize Lupine had us covered. The ECO collar is light and strong, and the color is beautiful. Next time I'll remember: always check Lupine first!

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Lupine Flower Box Large Martingale Dog Collar (1 Inch) | PupLife Dog Supplies A Martingale Collar is a dual-action collar for walking and training and is designed for dogs that can back out of regular collars (like greyhounds). The Lupine Martingale Collar differs from other Martingale-style collars because it is made with an additional sewn-in D-ring so it can be used either as a limited-slip choker or as a regular flat collar.
Note: This collar should not be left on an unattended or unleashed dog.

Large Dog Basics Martingale Collar - Lupine Store

Besides just regular collars and leashes, Lupine also offers Combo collars (martingale), two different styles of harnesses, a dog coupler if you walk two dogs at once, slip leads, a 2 foot traffic lead and more.

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Does your dog have a thick neck and a narrow head ? Do you have trouble finding a collar that won't pull over your dogs head if he resists you ? Are you currently using a choke collar to prevent losing your dog because he slips out of his collar ? Dalmations, greyhounds, shepherd mixes, vizulas, weimaraners, and puppies of all breeds, are some of the more common types of dogs who have this problems with their collars. Martingale collars are like regular collars but with out any buckles or snaps. They slip over the dogs head and can be adjusted for comfort. When the dog pulls or tries to back out of the collar, the collar tightens to fit the neck exactly but does not choke the dog. It is sometimes called a limited choke or limited slip collar because it tightens without choking the dog or coming off over his head. Lupine is probably the very best maker of dog collars on the market and this product is no exception. It's sturdy construction and design will last through years of rough treatment. They come in a variety of styles, colors and designs including a regular snap, adjustable collar. The dogs at our house get their collars washed on a regular basis with no problems, the colors don't fade and the patterns don't loose their luster. In fact, they look like new ! Our mom loves the variable colors and patterns and is constantly threatening to make us all wear matching collars (which we think is geeky and embarrassing !), but she's got a collar fetish and she just can't resist buying them. The price of $10.00 is just right for this 'cadillac of dog collars', and if you're anything like our Mom you'll have a collection of collars before you know it.