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This is a good door, and offers good value for the money. It uses a small magnet in the collar that is detected by an electronic sensor when your pet gets within about 12 inches of the door. The lock secures the door in both directions, where most other doors do not. The electronics really work. There are a number of cheaper “magnetic” latch doors that really don't work all that well because the pet's collar magnet has to be within a fraction of an inch from the sensor – a task that's very hard to train for.

The door is only available in one size, which works for cats and small to medium dogs. If you have a medium dog, be sure to confirm the opening 8.5” wide by 11” high will be large enough. PetSafe indicates it's for pets up to 100 pounds, although large dogs will likely be too big.

The door itself is made of a flexible plastic (not good), but is strengthened with two side strips of hard plastic on the sides and on the bottom (better). Without a raccoon problem, the door will hold up well. We've gone through two flaps after raccoons ripped the door apart breaking the hard plastic that's mounted on the flap. On the second door, we replaced the plastic with flat aluminum stock, which then withstood further attacks. A neighbor with the same door had the same problem.

The body is made of white hard plastic and is constructed well. There are controls at the top to turn it on or off, or set one of three states – locked, unlocked, or automatic (i.e. locked until the pet gets near the door). It also includes a low battery indicator. I got about 8 months of use on a fresh set of batteries. It requires 4 D cells. Note that you can't install this in a metal door as it will interfere with the electronic detector.

If you have multiple pets, additional collars are cheap. The PetSafe collar is a good design and is easy to adjust. It also appears the magnet design has improved in the last couple of years, as the older ones were big and could dig into your pet's neck. Note that this design is not keyed, and if there are other pets in the neighborhood that use magnets in their collars, the door will open for them too. This is not that big a concern for most people.

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The magnetic sensing systems as used by the Solo doggy doors are short-range, inaccurate and highly sensitive to electric appliances. They may suddenly start opening and closing in response to your dishwasher or washing machine. Power Pet electronic pet doors use a patented directional ultrasonic sensing system that responds to one thing only, the tiny, water-resistant collar. Another key concern is that the Solo automatic pet door is not UL approved for safe electrical manufacture. We would never recommend putting an electrical appliance in your home that is not UL approved.

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Jul 20, 2015 - An electronic dog door opens when it detects a magnetic sensor in your dog's collar The basic, manual, dog door is mounted in a door or wall, and has a flap for dog entry and exit. This type of door is the most affordable; however, the owner cannot control when the dog can come and go. There is also no regulation over which pets can use the door. For example, if a cat or another dog is not allowed outside unsupervised, this type of door does nothing to prevent their access.

An automatic door, on the other hand, can be dog specific, as the door opening is activated by a control on the animal’s collar. With electronic doors, the contains a computer chip, ultrasound transmitter, or special magnet that signals the door to unlock. An added advantage is the automatic door’s ability to keep unwanted pests, and even intruders, from gaining access.

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In addition to many other patented features, the Power Pet door employs a patented automatic dead bolt lock. When the panel is in the closed position, a steel dead bolt automatically engages to lock it in place. The panel absolutely cannot be lifted without a signal from the collar or by activating the manual switch inside your home. The collar's signal is digitally coded so that only your dog's collar will activate the panel. As previously stated, the Solo door can be opened by any magnet. This is a highly unsecure system. The Plexidor, Petsafe Smart Door and Petsafe Passport door all use radio frequency coding to open the panel. This is more secure than Solo's magnets but RF signals are easily jammed by stray radio signals in the environment (TVs, radios, cell phones, etc.). Indeed, some of the most common complaints about these doors is that the signal gets jammed and the dog can't get in or out. Power Pet's ultrasonic signal is robust and cannot be jammed by stray RF signals, and its patented digital coding can't be jammed even by stray environmental ultrasound producing the most secure and reliable electronic dog door made.

These keys are similar in size and weight to a "C" cell battery