How to Make Dog Tags: When You Want Your Pooch to Be Unique

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You just picked up an adorable duo of puppies and wonder if you should get them cool dog tags for identification. Perhaps you’ve been procrastinating because truly cute dog tags are hard to find, or you’re seeking funny dog tags to compliment each pooch’s personality. Make sure you check out our breakdown on why you need them, what the options are, and how dog lovers can make sure their best friend has the best dog tags money can buy.

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This easy tutorial demonstrates how to make your own personalized ID tag for a dog collar. Check Pinterest for even more , but avoid the ones that ask you to make a tag bag because the bag obscures the writing on your dog’s tag, which may confuse someone who comes across your dog.

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Begin by laying the aluminum plate on the pile of old newspapers and putting on your protective gloves before your begin working. Draw two identically sized rectangles the width and length you want your tags to be on the aluminum plate with the black colored marker. You can then proceed to cut out the shapes from the plate using a knife. Once done, trim each of the eight corners on the two rectangles using your so that they turn into octagonal plates. Use your knife to carve your name and identity number into the plates and punch a single hole at one shorter end of each octagon. You can use a quirky shaped punch like a flower or four leaf clover to give a unique look to your dog tags. Ensure that the hole does not interfere with your name and identity number. You can now put the string of through the holes of both octagonal plates and fasten the clasp. Wear your own army dog tags over your neck. You can also opt to make the dog tags of silver or other metal, and embellish them with gemstones. For a quicker and cheaper version of a dog tag, use thick instead of the aluminum plates and have it laminated. You can use or chains instead of the regular ball chain if you prefer. This type of ornament is ideal for children to wear as a style statement, or even to keep them safe if they are ever lost. Include a phone number or address instead of an identity number.

can make sure their best friend has the best dog tags money can buy.

What's up, uPet fam? First video of the year, and it's going to be a very, very good video. We're teaching you how to make a custom dog tag using metal blanks. Let's go. For this tutorial we're going to need an alphabet and number punch set, a steel bench block, a hammer, some metal blanks, some random charms, industrial glue, and we forgot to add it to this video but a sharpie as well.I finally found my inkjet compatible paper! I made the key chain I had wanted to make back in , and I also made a cute dog tag for Murray. I’ve edited the photos of Murray’s tag to remove or blur our address and phone number, but the info is on there.