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C&C Barkie Love Dog Diapers wraps pet owners no longer must worry about dogs urinating on walls, floors, carpet, or ruining furniture. You can attend social events, drop them off a doggie day care or leave them alone while running errands, now with complete confidence! 100% leak guard protection, padded soft and a good absorbent inner liner will protect your furry four legged for hours on end! Perfect solution for housebreaking your pet! Male dog wraps, Eco friendly, secure Velcro, reusable washable, good absorbent, and long lasting protection! High quality, durable and adjustable. Great for male dogs who experience male marking, urinary incontinence, excitable urination. Outer layer is Waterproof, leak proof, soft mesh fabric, Velcro secure and comfortable. Mesh fabric to protect skin from rashes.
For URINARY INCONTINENCE we recommend an additional pad (Bladder Control Pad).

These type of Belly Band wraps are specifically for male dogs. They work great for incontinence as well as a housebreaking training aide.

Bakertime makes female dog incontinence diapers and washable belly wraps or brand for males. There are even adjustable suspenders to aid hold belly or diapers bands in place for additional safety, in a huge variety of designs and colors are obtainable.

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Sep 25, 2016 - PlayaPup Dog Belly Bands for Incontinence/Training, Washable MALE Dog Wraps 2 Pack Dog Belly Band for Male Dogs – Washable Reusable Dog Diaper Wraps – for Housetraining and Incontinence (S) - Eco friendly- washable male diapers provide a more environmentally conscious solution compared to disposable solutions. Male dog belly band wraps are perfect for urinary incontinence, excitable urination, male marking and dogs beginning their housebreaking journey the wide velcro provide perfect comfortable and secure fit washable male dog wrap also called male dog diapers, puppy diaper wrap band, boy wrap band, pet physiological pants male dog diapers. High quality material for washable belly bands, which have been used for washable baby cloth diaper it’s not waterproof fabric, but it’s soft breathable enough don’t have any foreign body sensation, birdeye mesh fabric against skin middle layers microfiber provide absorbent and can not put the pads in it, when you want to control the super heavy flow, please sticky feminie disposable sanitary pads in the surfacer. S 16″- 19″ waist washable male dog wrap provides super-absorbent,long-lasting protection,specifically designed for male dogs. Excellent value -2pack and available in 5 size for male dog.

Great for incontinent dogs as well and dogs that mark in the house.

Wegreeco Washable Male Dog Belly Wrap – Pack of 3 – (Gold,Black,Grey,Small) - 3pcs dog diapers in 3 color2-year warranty and 100% money-back guarantee. Wegreeco small washable male dog wrap fit for dogs weighing 8-15 lb, 13″-16″waistprovides super-absorbent,long-lasting protection,specifically designed for male dogswashable male dog diapers is available in 6 sizewegreeco also have 5 size available for female dogs no matter how big or small of your dogs,u can always find a suitable one in wegreeco store. Premium material applied, the waterproof outer layer of male dog diaper prevent leaks and damage to rugs, carpets, upholstered chairs and sofasthe soft jersey inner wicks moisture away and keep your dog drierthe inside pad is great for those times where extra protection against dog incontinence is needed and for helping to keep your dog dry during prolonged use. Adjustable size by velcro closure- the large velcro closure adjust the fit of the legs and waist separately and ensure the size fit perfectlythe belly band wraps are great for urinary incontinence,excitable urination,male marking and dogs beginning their housebreaking journeywashable male dog wrap also called male dog diapers,puppy diaper wrap band,boy wrap band,pet physiological pants,male dog diapers. Easy clean design, the athletic wicking jersey lining wicks moisture away to prevent discomfort and irritationa reusable pad sewn inside helps soak up.

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