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For small and medium size pets, you can choose from chest pouches, tank pads, a variety of crates, and saddlebag carriers. Chest pouches are motorcycle pet carriers designed to be worn on the driver like a front pet carrier. While these chest pouches are versatile because they can be used off the bike to walk around, it is important that owners test them on their pets to be sure that they are comfortable. A pet that dislikes a pouch carrier may move a lot and that can be a dangerous distraction to the driver. Tank pad motorcycle pet carriers are placed on the gas tank of the motorcycle. While safety leashes are used to help secure your pet, this style of carrier does not have a basket, but requires the dog to kneel or stand. Again, because of the location of the carrier to the driver it is important to test this type of carrier to make sure it is safe for the dog and driver. Motorcycle tank pad pet carriers are not typically recommended for high speeds or long distances.

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The below info applies to non-service animals for in-cabin travel. Large or medium sized dogs are generally not allowed in the cabin, even crated, if they are not service animals. Pups that cannot fit in a carrier under the seat in front of you will have to ride in cargo, which, though usually perfectly safe, can be more stressful for your pup. (Brachycephalic dogs like Pugs, Pekingeses, Boston Terriers, Bulldogs, etc., are more sensitive to climate and pressure changes and flying can be deadly due to their condensed respiratory systems.) In all cases, plan ahead for additional time spent during flight check-in. And we recommend always calling your respective airline in advance.

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TAILUP Airmesh Pet Package Mesh Cloth And Cotton Bichon Medium Sized Dog Carrier Bag 11Colors S-XL WORLDWIDE SHIPPING Take your best friend with you on all of life’s adventures! The K9 Sport Sack is the original forward facing dog carrier backpack that doubles as a small to medium-sized dog airline

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• For the comfort of your small puppy or toy-size dog, a solid-bottomed backpack with breathable mesh 'windows'
• Also suitable for kittens and other small pets such as guinea pigs or bunnies (not suitable for animals who might chew through cloth).
• Extremely comfortable for the wearer: thick shoulder-straps, padded waist-belt, breathable padded back, internal mini-frame, and lift control.
• Lightweight platform separates upper and lower deck, allowing your pet to rest comfortably in the top section, while you carry other items in the bottom section.
• For very small pets up to 8 lbs; makes a great chihuahua backpack!

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SEE LAST PICTURE FOR AVAILABLE FABRIC. This dog sling is made of colorful cotton. The fabric is breathable and comfortable by warmer weather. The dog carrier can be worn on the right and on the left shoulder, just what you prefer. You even can switch from shoulder during a walk. During use of the sling the inner safety strap has to be secured on the collar of your dog so your dog cant getting out of it. This medium size dog sling is made for dogs and puppies 5.5 - 11 lbs. (2.5 - 5 kg)…Pets enrich the lives of their owners, adding personality and a unique kind of affection to any home. Pets become part of the family, and as such, they must often go where their owners go. Dog owners often invest in a for their small or medium-sized dog. They can place it in the car during short rides to the veterinarian or on long rides to an out-of-state relative’s house. They might also place the dog in a carrier when they are waiting in a public place, such as a subway station, a train station, or an airport terminal. The carrier protects the dog from escaping or from injury, and gives it a sense of greater security in an unfamiliar setting. This guide will list some important do’s and don’ts for dog owners who are shopping for a dog carrier. It will also suggest some brick and mortar retailers and online retailers (such as )) where dog owners can buy a carrier.