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Though our acronym, M.A.G.R.R. can be pronounced a lot of funny ways, we prefer to sound it out like “major.” We are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. MAGRR’s rescue efforts are funded by donations, fundraising events, and membership dues. By focusing our efforts on one lovable breed, we are able to place hundreds of abandoned dogs in happy, loving homes each year. The need for Golden Retriever rescue is overwhelmingly evident in the south, so much that MAGRR has expanded its efforts beyond West Tennessee and the “Memphis Area” into portions of Arkansas, Mississippi, and even Louisiana.

Real Good Dog Rescue has dogs and puppies for adoption. Adopt a pet in Memphis, Tennessee.

Real Good Dog Rescue is based in Memphis, TN. Lisa, the fearless leader of Real Good Dog Rescue, adopts dogs in need from local as well as regional animal shelters. Most come from Memphis Animal Shelter. She selects dogs she can foster herself so they are under 50 lbs with most being in the 20-35 lb range. From time to time we will take an owner-surrendered dog or puppy, depending on the circumstances.

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Perfect Match rescues dogs from high-intake shelters in Memphis, TN and the surrounding areas Memphis Animal Services interim director James Rogers said the partnership would not only place eligible dogs into the search and rescue training program, but it may also help with training other shelter dogs that may not be candidates for search and rescue.

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During his too short life, Memphis made a lasting impression on anyone and everyone who had the pleasure of meeting him. He had a mutual love affair with everyone he ever met. And his determination and adoration served as a true inspiration to all. Everywhere he went, Memphis touched people, inspired people and taught people not only how wonderful rescued dogs are but that being blind was not the significant disability that people think it is. He was truly an ambassador for rescue and special needs.

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Of course we had no way of knowing at the time, but it all started with the phone call my wife Melanie and I received while on vacation in Tucson, Arizona. Just before we set out for the pool at the resort, a lady who runs a Memphis-area pit bull rescue called to tell us that she had been taking care of an abandoned American Bulldog that she had found in an empty barn. She wanted to be able to take this dog in and find him a home, but she just couldn’t afford to take in another dog. She already had 12 dogs at her house and she had no room and no money for any more. She was hoping that we could help her find a foster home for this dog.As many of you may remember, we rented a van and headed to Memphis in April. We met with shelter directors at several facilities and rescued 19 cats and dogs. This trip paved the way for us, and several amazing relationships developed. It also showed us how much we are needed in Memphis.