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Pro Plan Sport All Life Stages Active 26/16 Formula Dry Dog Food is: * 26% protein and 16% fat which helps your dog maintain lean muscles and a healthy metabolism* Packed with protein to support your dogs overall health* A great meal after a tough workout

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My vet is participating in a "biggest loser" contest for the chubby clients. My dog Damien, a 13-yr old Pit, was seriously overweight. In the few weeks since we've used the Metabolic+Mobility, he's lost 10 pounds, has regained his waistline and some of his energy. Damien devours this food, both dry and wet. I'm looking forward to see the results the next few weeks will bring. Thanks for having such a great product line.

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Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic + Mobility, Weight + Joint Care Chicken Flavor Dry Dog Food …valuable about Hill's Prescription Diet h/d Canine Heart Health Dry Food? Find out here: * Nutrition that supports the health of your dogs heart* Includes low sodium levels that help maintain normal blood pressure* Enhanced amounts of L-carnitine and taurine for cardiac muscle metabolism support and…

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I am wondering if anyone else has any experience with the Hills Science Diet Metabolic dry dog food. Our dog, pitbull, has been on it for well over a year. She's really not lost much in the way of weight. The last bag we purchased I noticed the bag looked different & also the food. Our dog did eat it but now that we bought the newest bag, she really wants no part of the food! I thought: "Well, it must be working, her appetite is less." She has since become lethargic plus her stool is a very dark color & quite dry appearing at times. She has also begun to eat dirt! I am calling the vet's office tomorrow to see if I can speak with a vet. Currently she is also on Temaril P for allergies - but her not eating the dry food along with the dirt deal & the dark stool I don't know if it's from the dog food or not. Anyone have similar experience?

Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic + Mobility Canine Dry Dog Food

Metabolite Weight Management Dog Food has been formulated through the combined efforts of a Ph.D. canine nutritionist and a practicing small animal veterinarian experienced in competitive dog sports.Abbey was started on Hill's Metabolic Prescription diet for weight loss in Jan. 2016. She did begin to lose some weight. Prior to Hill's, she was on Blue Buffalo. She had beautiful tawny coat. With the Hill's diet, I noticed that her coat appeared more dull. She also had numerous large bowel movement. The smell of this dog food was potent! Abbey would eat it with some difficulty. Approx one week ago, I noticed Abbey was limping. I checked her paw pads and leg - I saw nothing.I thought, "Could it really be a coincidence that a few days after I started him on the Hills metabolic diet he got so deathly ill?" I began researching online and found hundreds and hundreds of complaints From consumers that also purchased Hills products. Some of them ranged from their pets becoming deathly ill and some even reported the unfortunate death of their pets! I couldn't believe what I was reading. How could this be happening to so many people and this product still be on the market and the veterinarian still be prescribing it. Well I will tell You why! It is a huge moneymaking racket for veterinarians. They get Enormous kickbacks from the Hills company! Unfortunately dog food is not regulated by the FDA I so it is difficult to identify and report a problem. I am completely beside myself that such a horrific thing is going on! Back in June of 2015 I was very frustrated and worried that Hills Rx Low fat ID had caused my fur baby's bloody stools. Each time I took him to the vet he/she gave me more antibiotics to treat what they thought was inflammation of his bowels and or intestines. This same vet had also previously given my baby Hills Rx metabolic formula to help him lose the weight he gained when they gave him food that was high in calories and was for very active dogs. As many times as I tried to tell them that I believed it to be the metabolic food causing the problem they told me it wasn't. In my heart I knew that it was but I'm not a vet so I believed them.