3/8" x 1/2" Steel Wire Loop, Nickel Plated 2.6 mm - H495068NP.

Side-Release closures can be made of durable metals like stainless steel or nickel alloy, and it is important to look for these high quality metals in a side-release closure collar that is meant for outdoor or working use, or meant for a large or active dog. Side-Release closures are also made out of plastic on some collars. Most of these plastic closures are very durable, and are usually only used on fabric collars to match the weight of the fabric (a very small dog would be weighed down by a large metal closure). Plastic also allows the manufacturer to color the closure to better match the collar. Always read collar descriptions carefully to see what kind of hardware you are getting.

Gold or Silver Dog Collar Hardware / 1 inch metal hardware / 5/8 inch metal ..

GoGo Pet Products (a company well known for inventing high end dog supplies) recently released their own version of the Martingale Dog Collar. Unsurpringly, as with most of their products, it is second to none in terms of quality and safety. The GoGo Martingale Collar is made of the highest quality materials available to the public. From the soft, yet incredibly strong Nylon Material, down to the hardware and YKK Buckle. Their Martingale Collar is made from a very soft, very strong Nylon that does not include a metal chain, and is soft to ensure a comfortable accessory for your pet. The Martingale Dog Collar Buckle is a YKK Durable Plastic Buckle which will last a lifetime and won't ever break, but is easy to release when needed. The hardware is specially designed to ensure an easy pull during training without the worry of choking or injuring your pet. Not only are they affordable but they are incredibly effective, it's the type of quality you can feel once your hold one in your hand and inspect it for yourself.

Metal belt buckles or buckles for webbings

Gold or Silver Dog Collar Hardware / 1 inch metal hardware / 5/8 inch metal hardware .. Brass Hardware – An alloy of copper and zinc, Brass is a relatively soft metal but sufficiently strong for dog collars. (Brass is often used for horse harnesses which bear exponentially more weight than dog collars) Brass is the preferred hardware for collars which will be subjected to water and especially ocean / beach conditions. Current copper prices make Dog Collars with brass hardware difficult to find.

Roller buckles with single roller ideal for dog leads and bags

“D” ring – A metal (occasionally plastic) piece of hardware in the shape of a capital letter “D” attached to nearly all collars as the point of attachment for a leash. A D ring may be cast into a mold to create the D shape or bent and welded into shape. (Some light weight D rings may be bent and not welded but these are not advised for dog collars)

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