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I'm looking to buy my puppy, Chewy, a new crate and I'm having a hard time deciding between a metal pan and ABS. Currently, the Chewy is in my other dog, Bella's, old crate, which has no pan because Bella had eaten the ABS pan when she was a puppy. Which is my concern with buying another ABS crate pan for this puppy. Bella has a ABS one now, but she is an adult and no longer chews. My concern with a metal pan is that it will rust over time.

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My question is, where can I find a replacement latch that holds the pan/tray in? Or anyone make one of these themselves? Some cage companies call it the "pan stop", which is a piece of metal hinged to the bottom of the front of the crate and swings up in front of the tray and latches so that the tray can't be slid out by the dog. I am not planning on using this crate for some time, but want it operational so that I can store it and pull it out when the need arises. The only time I know it will be used is around the holidays, because Mack has decided that he absolutely LOVES opening presents, so we cannot keep him at my parents house out of his crate when the presents are under the tree.

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Dog Metal Crate Pan 48 inch Midwest Metals has been in business since 1921, so you you are buying from a company that stands the test of time. With an emphasis on quality, and with a broad array of crate/kennel options, Midwest has earned the loyalty of generations of pet owners. Whatever your budget and whatever your needs, we likely have a Midwest Dog Crate for you!

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If are looking for a dog crate replacement pan for the large, 48 inch crate, one that won't break or shatter, than you want to check out our polypropylene GoGo Plastic Replacement Pans for Metal Dog Crates. GoGo is the only brand who manufactures plastic replacement trays made from high grade polypropylene (PP) which is a softer, yet super strong material with a little bit of flexibility to it, which prevents damage. Unlike other brands who only offer ABS plastic pans which are prone to shattering, snapping and easy breakage.

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Dog Crate Trays and Pans are an every day part of your pets life if he/she is kenneled. Finding the right Dog Crate Tray or Pan can be difficult especially if you want to switch to a Metal Dog Crate Tray or Pan from a Plastic Dog Crate Pan. Some manufacturers no longer make metal dog crate trays which is very frustrating for some pet owners."Drain Thru" Crate Flooring mats raise your dog off the crate floor to keep the dog from coming in contact with the metal pan of the crate. Its open design allows water and accidents to pass thru to the crate pan so your dog is kept high and dry off the kennel floor.So I have a large, metal, folding dog crate that I got off of craigslist a while back and used it at my parent's house for my Golden when he was younger. The paint is powdery, it has a weird door system where you lift/swing the door up and then slide it down into the latches to close, and it has a piece of painted plywood for the tray. I want to make it look better and more functional, so I am planning on spray painting the entire cage black tomorrow, and getting a new pan at some point. It's supposed to have a metal pan, but I might go with the plastic since it's cheaper and easier to find.