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Dog cots are elevated, hammock-style dog beds that are generally built on metal frames with breathable mesh sleeves that serve as resting areas ().

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Hi Laura,
Where did you get the metal piping and fittings? Do you have wooden feet or anything attached to the wooden box underneath for added support or is the metal frame enough support as is? I want to have my husband build something similar to yours, but possibly large enough to fit 2 beds for 2 dogs, as we are getting a new puppy… only problem is, is that they are Golden Retrievers and well, rather large! 😉
Thank you for the help!

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Dog bed in rectangular shape. It is dedicated for outdoor use. Frame is made of metal and the seat After I got the idea in my head, I picked up 6″ pine boards, an assortment of brackets, spray paint, and the necessary to make a rectangular frame for the dog bed. After bringing home the metal pipe and fittings, my husband and I assembled the rectangular frame with short legs. Because the fittings all have to screw together, and we were trying to screw a rectangle of parts together, we were constantly tightening one corner while loosening another corner. Eventually we got all the fittings to loosely screw together with the plan to glue the joints later for a firmer hold. After creating the rectangle, I measured the inside of it to determine what size wood boards I needed.

PVC Dog Bed Frame, I'm thinking of metal pipe instead

A strong bed with good support and cushioning is essential for this breed since Rottweilers belong to large size group dogs.
Elevated dog bed with a metal frame and a memory foam base is a good option for this breed.

Sep 3, 2013 - PVC Dog Bed Frame, I'm thinking of metal pipe instead

An aesthetic airy portable pet bed ideal for the heat. It has a simple lightweight frame of metal tubes finished in black. Its slip-on bed shelf and a canopy are crafted of durable greenish fabric with a black dog paw prints pattern.The durable canvas mesh and plastic/metal frame of traditionally-styled elevated dog beds are easy to hose off before you bring the bed back in the house.Princess Pet Bed Blue Plush Small Dog Fleece Pillow Raised Daybed Decorative Heart Metal Frame Luxury Cat Hotel Lounging Couch Nap Mat Comfort StationRated as a great bunk bed by customers, it’s durable, excellent quality, and allows your two dogs to share the same space. The lower bunk zips up on three sides creating a den-like experience for your pet and becomes a soft crate. It’s sturdy and easy to clean. Available in gray or cocoa. A strong metal frame and great dual-use bed, your pets will love it and no longer fight for a bed. They may, however, fight for who gets the top bunk!