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Using an enzymatic cleaner will help break down the smell in pee that makes dogs want to pee in that same spot. Nature's Miracle is the brand that I use and it helps stop most peeing.

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But I digress, back to the problem of floors. Every year I’ve got to pay a guy to come in and power clean my tile floors by way of basic maintenance. (Ain’t no Pine Sol, Clorox or Nature’s Miracle that’ll fix that, no matter what they claim.) Which is probably because grout is a major problem with seriously sloppy pets, whether they’re disastrously dirty and masterly mud-trackers or they suffer from a similarly Slumdoggy condition.

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miracle mats warranty , welcome mat , dirty dog mat ,cleaning mat , door mats, rubber door mat ,entrance mats,dog mat ,outdoor doormats, door mats outdoor. For those of us amateurs who struggle with grooming, this tool has been nothing short of a miracle. Instead of getting stuck in mats where you need to really tug and pull (painful for your dog who will undoubtedly let you know it), the comb tends to glide through and separate mats painlessly for your pet. Work the mat from the outside in, and from the end of the mat towards the skin. Another great feature of this tool is the shape of the tines (the tips). Rather than having a pin-point end, the ends are rounded and are comfortable on the skin of your pet. Dunk and Izzy liked being combed so much that all I have to do is show them the comb and ask them to lay down. They are very quick to comply, even without treats!

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Love your dogs instead of smelling them with the Nature's Miracle Dog Odor Destroyer Foam Aerosol Spray. Using an enzymatic formula that actually breaks down the molecules of stains and smells, this foam spray takes care of tough messes. The foam penetrates deep down into the carpet fibers to remove any trace of the evidence, so that you can breathe easy once more. It’s also great for other stains like vomit, blood, and mud—meaning soiled carpets are no match for the power of this foam spray. And, it’s perfectly safe for your furry and non-furry family.

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