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Dogs are a man's best friend and when it comes to guard dogs, they are no exception. It's the aggressiveness in their genes and some human attacks which have made them infamous. It's just that these dogs need to be trained from the very beginning with great care and responsibility. When it comes to power and strength there is no comparison to these dogs. These dogs can tear apart any pound of flesh from their jaws. Let's have a look at some of the most powerful dogs which are banned in some countries.

Bully Kutta dogs, one of the most powerful dog breed to walk on planet earth.

The most distinct character of the Irish Wolfhound is its ardent sight that is combined with the power that lies beneath this wooly coat. You may pass off this dog breed as any other large breed, but its swiftness was previously very useful for wolf hunting with dogs. This is why the dog breed was named a wolfhound, after all—the close facial resemblance to wolves is not the actual reason, despite what many people would think.


Let’s have a look at some of the most powerful dogs which are banned in some countries. Origin: Germany; Weight: 50-64 lbs; Height: 20-25 inches
They are strong and square dogs. They love to walk and play. Unlike their aggressive look, they can play well with kids. They are bright, energetic and playful breed. Also they have one of the most powerful head.

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Being cheaper and with 15 levels of correction, it's not the most powerful one of the best electric collars for dogs, but it's reliable and it will get the job done for sure.

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Rottweiler is a fantastic dog if you do the right things. They are very loyal and protective dogs. They are known as a painless and powerful dogs. Muscular body is the key point of Rottweilerand, and black lips are the finger prints for them. They need a and exercise program. If you provide good exercise program for this incredible dog, then they can live almost everywhere. It is very interesting but this massive and overly muscular dog can live in your house. If you need a protection for your family, then this breed defends your family fearlessly.While there are many strong breeds out there, these 12 powerfully built dogs are some of the strongest and most muscular! While they might not all be giants (or even large!), these dogs were bred to have physical prowess that rivals their other canine cousins.Doberman needs authority. You need to be authoritarian if you want to deal with this breed. They are powerful and protective dogs. They can be trained easily. Exercise is very important for this breed. You should provide good exercise to decrease their energy level. They are fearless, protective, and loyal to people, but they are one of the most dangerous dog breed in the world. They are dangerous, but they can be great family dogs if you raise them with children from early puppyhood. Their short coat does not need special attention, but you should know that cold weather can be a challenge, so you need to dress up them. American Pit Bull is a medium size dog with almost 30-90 lbs weight range. They are powerful, muscular and strong. In fact, they are one of the strongest dogs in their size category. They were bred to guard livestock and this is why they are powerful. They got a very playful nature especially when the kids around. It is widely believed that Pitbulls are aggressive in nature but for those who bred one in their hom, this statement will sound as a bit of a joke. They will behave that gentle with their owners. Mind you, their socializing nature depends upon the early training. If it’s not trained well,nothing can stop them from reflecting their aggressive nature. So if you own a pitbull,don’t surprise to see it in the list that talks about the dogs with strongest bites.