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I would say the caloric density of this food is pretty darn high- 575 calories per 12oz can. I think (not sure) most dog food comes in 13 oz cans. What I have on hand here is Mulligan stew 13 oz can 387 calories, and Tripett green beef tripe, which I already know is fairly high in fat – 465 calories per 13oz can.

Mulligan Stew Dog Food receives the Advisor’s second-highest tier rating of 4 stars.

This may be a dumb question, but our lab is prone to yeast infections in his ears. Our vet advised us to avoid dog foods containing wheat products. Is the selenium yeast contained in the Mulligan Stew a product of wheat, and/or do you think it might contribute to his ear infections?

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Judging by its ingredients alone, Mulligan Stew looks like an above-average dry dog food. Hi Betsy! I admit I haven’t used Mulligan Stew in awhile (the dry, at least). I still have and use the can every once in awhile. The food is a fantastic food, if it works for your dog. It is a baked food and the kibbles are rather large. Stella (r.i.p.) did not do as well as the other dogs on it and I wanted a food to feed all of them, so I stopped using the dry. I had to mail order it, but Diane from MS is wonderful to work with! I’m still a FB friend of hers. The other dogs liked it and did well on it. The canned food is awesome, but does smell…like cabbage. I would consider using it again. Like I said, the dogs like it. The canned food, and the dry, feeds well. Good output, so to speak lol. Stellar company! Hope this helps. 🙂

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Mulligan Stew Petfood offers new flavors in its line of petfood for cats and dogs. Cats now have the option of salmon, trout, turkey and snake river stew. Likewise, new flavors for dogs include duck and Jackson hole stew. According to the company, the Mulligan Stew formula offers various health benefits for cats and dogs such as cellular nutrition and tissue detoxification.

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At Your request mulligan stew dog food, we load the price comparison for products mulligan stew dog food. Fast delivery of goods.Mulligan Stew Pet Food offers a dry dog food line, Premium Baked Kibble for dogs. The food is formulated with functional ingredients and without chemically manufactured supplements, according to the company, they are baked for high nutrient absorption and good digestibility.Mulligan Stew Food for Dogs is available in six (6) recipes that enjoy superior palatability including: Beef, Chicken, Buffalo and Beef, Turkey, Duck, and Salmon.